Thunder Alley : What about this flick?

What about this flick?

It's very cheesy but I like the car action.

Notice Fabian pulls in George Barris' Custom Shop at the beginning.

The track announcer cracks me up, "the driver's OK" , the same guy does the same thing in Fireball 500.

Also notice the scenes of the big stunt car show are Mustangs that are used in Spills and Thrills show, not the old jalopies we are shown earlier. The show also takes place on a paved track, with the race between Tommy and Eddie on a dirt track, supposing to be the same track.

The trailer on the DVD is crazy, it's just scenes from the movie with a little of the theme song, no titles or credits are ever shown, the names of the actors, characters or the title of the movie are never mentioned, I really doubt it is an actual trailer.

If you like nostalgia stock cars, get this movie, it comes on a double feature disc that includes Fireball 500.

Re: What about this flick?

This movie is so bad and so unrealistic it amounts to misinformation typical of the period and the performers at the time.