The Mystery of Natalie Wood : Why was it made in Australia?

Why was it made in Australia?

I realise Fox have a studio in Australia, but why would they film a movie about an American actress who had no connection to Australia (except via her first husband who has a brother that lives in Australia).

Just seems odd. Was it because it was cheaper to film in Australia at the time?

Re: Why was it made in Australia?

Or maybe because Aussies are even more gullibly into inane 'celebrity death conspiracies' than Americans are, lol?

Which would figure, as the UK gutter press/media in general is, if anything, even more shallow, reprehensible, and prone to outright sensationalistic lying than even its US Faux-News counterpart. Just ask good ol' Rupert Murdoch.

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Amy, that's a bit harsh and condescending. When was the last time you studied Australian culture? Was it before or after you finished studying the UK's, lol.

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Re: Why was it made in Australia?

Apparently you're none too familiar with UK gutter press, opus.

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VoulezVous100 - It was most likely because it was cheaper, because the 2002 movie Murder in Greenwich about the famous case of the death of Martha Moxley and about Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, was filmed not in Australia but near there in New Zealand.