Nick Broomfield : Todd Bertrang - Clitorectomy practise

Todd Bertrang - Clitorectomy practise

I wish he would do a documentary on Todd Berstrang.

For anyone who doesn't know who he is, was arrested for allegedly agreeing to carry out Female Genital Mutilation on two young girls. He was a body piercer who had already removed the clitoris of his young 'slave girl' Robyn by her consent and posted the pictures on the internet. They also include a picture of her tied up with the cut off clitoris in her mouth.

He claims to have been set up and that it was a conspiracy against the body mod and BDSM community.

I feel that Nick Broomfields documentary style would cover this material very well and there are enough issues to make an interesting documentary such as:

1. Was Todd Berstrang set up? Was it a conspiracy or was he really guilty.

2. Todd Berstrang's character itself - did he have delusions of grandeur? There are so many mixed views on the internet but many feel that he was too loud and opinionated. Was his dominant nature akin to the 'king rat' syndrome which in some psychologists views is the same personality defect which Ian Brady and Adolf Hitler shared?

3. The body mod scene. Todd Berstrang's methods were debatedb68 by many body piercers. Whilst many believe to start small and stretch gradually, Todd Berstrang would start off with large piercings.

4. BDSM and fetishes. What Todd and his 'slave' Robyn practiced is what is called Total Power Exchange. This is more than a Dominant and Submissive relationship. It is a 24/7 relationship where the slave submits to EVERYTHING which the slave master requires. Many people live in this situation and believe that some people are born to be natural slaves. Is this lifestyle healthy and up to what point does it change from consensual to brain washing?

5. Female Genital Mutilation. This is a hot topic and usually carried out for cultural reasons without consent, but why would someone want this for themself? In what mind frame was Robyn in to agree to this? She isnt the only case and many other western submissive women have also had this carried out of choice. Check this link out:

What are other peoples views on this?