Nick Broomfield : Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

I just read an article about a pro-palin documentary called Undefeated coming out this July but more interesting was reading about the prospect of Broomfield doing a palin doc. The article goes on to say Broomfield will be interviewing people that have known palin throughout the years, including former staff members and direct relatives. The nuts will certainly surface for Broomfield since he has a tendency to interview the most wild eccentric people. mentary_about_sarah_palin_is_nearly_complete__and_could_soon_be_head ing_to_theaters

These are some movies of mine. Enjoy!

Re: Sarah Palin -trashes-wasilla.aspx

^ Nice new interview w/him re: SARAH PALIN: YOU BETCHA!, for those interested funny how he drops nuts on her hometown of Wasilla. laugh.gif