Nick Broomfield : His amazing gift of doc making…..

His amazing gift of doc making…..

Nick Broomfield has a gift, an uncanny ability to get things into documentaries no on else can. Forget Jon Alpert and those other cinema verte doc makers. Pfft.

Can they get prime footage of "driving down a road"? No.

Can they get those rare "walking down the hallway to find door" moments? Nope.

How about those dazzeling interviews of "girl who claimed she knew" person? I think not.

The guy is clearly a genius.

I also love his interview skills of "ask same question 10 different ways" until the person gets so exasperated they give some vague answer just to shut him up.

I will give him props for some good moments in "Biggie and Tupac" and his "Aileen Wournos" movies, but my God can he take a class or something?

Re: His amazing gift of doc making…..

Could not agree more. I do not get why the critics (or anyone else really) like this fraud. He is exactly like the pathetic interviewees (the only ones who speak with him voluntarily) who claim to have known the subjects, have absolutely no proof, and babble incoherently with wild speculation.