Judd Apatow : IMDB Caving to Hollywood!

IMDB Caving to Hollywood!

I will go on record now and say I would bet any amount of money that all these Liberal morons who we have to see and hear on TV and Social Media every day have now started to cry to those who run IMDB that they don't like seeing what is being written about them from the "real" Americans that don't have a microphone and Hollywood to fall back on. I will bet that these Libs are the reason that as of February 20th we will no longer be able to comment on these fools and their garbage films! Silence us again, these Libs only believe in Freedom of Speech if it is the speech talk they crap out of their mouths. Anyone else agree with me or you think I am off?

Re: IMDB Caving to Hollywood!

sounds very likely.because after 20 years of having these boards, why would they close them now ?