Hart to Hart : Lamest Plots and Scripts Ever!

Lamest Plots and Scripts Ever!

I don't know how this show ever survived as long as it did. Maybe the standards were lower back then. I was trying to watch some reruns (because it is wedged between two shows I actually like to watch), and I just couldn't stand it.

The Jennifer character's main purpose seems to be standing idly by while her husband engages in fist fights to stop the bad guys -that and saying, "Jonathan!" about five times in every episode.

The butler character, Max, calls his snotty employers Mr. and Mrs. H. Their last name is only one syllable. What's the advantage of abbreviating it down to one letter, which is also one syllable? I guess he's supposed to sound more chummy that way, like Fonzie calling Richie's mom "Mrs. C." And they should have named the dog "Smog" instead of "Freeway."

The plots are so poorly crafted that they're not at all compelling to watch.

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I agree with everything you've posted except that as lame as the writing is, I still really enjoy these shows. The thing to realize is that these were probably never meant to be true mysteries - they are simply romantic comedies with charming and likeable characters. And yes, by todays standards Jennifer's standing around looking beautiful while Jonathan is getting knocked on the head and/or chasing down the bad guy is laughingly old-fashioned! Also, considering what we know nowadays about the debilitating effects of concussions, if we were being realistic, Jonathan would probably have been a vegetable by the second season!

I'm now into season 4 and just watched an episode where Jennifer is kidnapped for no reason except as an excuse for the obligatory chase (of the bad guys) by Jonathan. The plots seem more silly as the show goes on and still I watch it!

By the way, you didn't mention the stunt men and women and the scenes they're in. The lack of any resemblance between them and the actors is laughingly obvious but these scenes are SO bad that they venture into the campy category and thus become fun to watch.

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You don't watch this show for the plots. You watch for the relationship and chemistry between the main characters. They enjoyed working with each other which is a far cry from some tv shows nowadays where their show is just a job.

And I'm sorry, but it's a helluva lot better than ANY of the reality shows on these days.

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If you want realism, this is no the show for you. Watching H2H requires suspension of disbelief and acceptance of what drives them >

* They are rich beyond measure
* They are altruistic and genuinely care about all the people around them, from their butler (who is family) to the gardeners to the magazine vendor outside the office building. EVERYONE. Including the "invisible people" no one would consider important (e.g., hookers).
* They are madly in love with each other, devoted, and treat each other like equals.

Almost no episodes arc into the next, nor are plots to be remembered in future eps. They're each and everyone little stories unto themselves. Some B-characters are consistent with throughput (Deeann, Stanley), but inconsistencies and lack of continuity are things you have to simply accept. Sometimes it's too much, agreed. But most of the time you have to just accept it.

As another poster said, you watch this for the chemistry of Stef and RJ. They are very good actors. They phone it in sometimes just like every other human who has meh days. Whatchagonnado? But most of the time, they're entirely watchable. If you let yourself go and just accept these things, and remember the time (late '70s to early '80s), then you can simply enjoy them for what they are. It ain't Shakespeare. It's not even Downton. But it's pretty great.

I have a review for most episodes (84 to date). Take a look at those while watching, it might add to the entertainment? Or maybe they'll suck, hey, there's no tellin'. :-).

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^^ Exactly!

According to RJ Wagner, the series was supposed to be a form of comedy that even the network execs didn't quite understand. It's not supposed to be realistic storytelling. It's basically not quite fantasy, but more intended to be a couple who are madly in love with each other who happen to constantly stumble into fantastical mysteries as they go about their lavish life. In many ways it's absurd. Truly. But, why does everything have to be realistic?

Hart to Hart is a beautiful, bazaar, zany, fantastical, and just plain fun love story!

Actually, I was very surprised when my 19 year old son started sitting down to watch when I was binging on the DVDs in recent months. He said he enjoyed them - that they were different than what he was used to watching and they were funny.

Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. The particular dramatic comedy that was Hart to Hart was just something that held my attention in my teenage years - and still does today!

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My 11yo son likes watching it with me, too! He's interested in fencing now, thanks to seeing that ep of the show with me. Talk about a show standing the test of time :-).

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Bashing on H2H is lame :)

Seriously, you were taking it too serious. It's all been said in the comments above.