Cinderella Man : Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas

I would love for them to have a buster douglas movie defeating tyson and leading up to it, now theres an underdog movie for you

Re: Buster Douglas

@prpaclt The guy knocked Tyson onto his ass, and most people (including me) don't even know what Buster looks like.

A great candidate for a boxing movie one day. Make it happen.

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Buster was amped up on somethingand watch between rounds the trainer has a brown bottle he keeps giving buster sips out of. Buster was lucky more than anyyhing, he caught an untrained lazy coked out Tyson on a bad day, and he still barely won. Mike before cus died would have dropped buster in 2 rounds.

Re: Buster Douglas

Not as a compelling story, the fight upset yes, but the down and out in life set against the Great Depression