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What about Dem Cowboys ……


Dirka dirka

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I want to see how the Dallas Cowboys do in the playoffs.

The last several times they had a good season record and made it to the playoffs, they have almost always lost and been eliminated in the First playoff game they play.

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My Packers held onto McMoron far too long.

"Please vote to preserve the unique character of Warren…" - Robert Duvall

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And now tell me, Kirk.
What's necessary to clear else? ☺

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Just bumped the 'one eyed dog'.
What can I do else? ☺
Ok, will better leave.
And try to get my buddies out of the Christmas tree (laying on the side).
The tree lies on the side!…my buddies are in it. ☻
Lies, lay, lied…Hmmm, difficult.
Verdammt, das Ding liegt auf der Seite und die Katzen sitzen drin.
Und nächstes Jahr gibt's keinen Weihnachtsbaum.
Den können wir im Wald schmücken.

Hahaha…election fight will become hard next year.


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They will go as far as Parsons takes them. The NFC doesn't look particularly strong to me - I think the Eagles will lose their first playoff game.