Brian Van Holt : What a jerk!

What a jerk!

He was the subject of a "blind item"---which was REVEALED today. Read it here:

It sounds like he has a drinking problem, and certainly a HUGE ego problem. Yuck.

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just curious, how reliable is that site? just wondering, thx

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And you believe that trash? This kind of "reporting" is as reliable as some of the mud slung by politicians. Would you be interested in buying a bridge?

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Re: What a jerk!

In the age of Fox News and the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, & Hannity, it's no wonder people rely on a website like this or blog for their information. Ironic that this guy (or gal) named themselves "Mensa..."

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I don't know what this article says, but when I worked with Brian, he couldn't have been nicer or more professional. I wouldn't believe anything sites like this say.

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There was nothing there that even stated his name, or was there?? Sounds like crap to me, how do you know it was about BVH?

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Ya, if you believe this, then you're playing penny can without any pennies.

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