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Weird moment

I know it might've been meant to be funny, but remember when Ben (Brimley's character) has his license taken away and he is covering his car? At one point he rips the tarp and curses right in front of his grandson who is right there. Maybe I'm a bit of a prude, but I don't think that is a good idea to do. I guess it was supposed to be a funny moment, or the idea was that the grandfather didn't care about that. He and his grandson had some great scenes, including that one.

Re: Weird moment

No idea but I do know my upstairs neighbours use frequent profanity in front of their toddler, in spite of them being otherwise "reasonably" good parents.

"These days you have to boil someone before you can sleep with them"

Re: Weird moment

The kid is probably 10-12, nothing he hasn't heard before. As long as the kid knows not to say it, that should be fine.