The Soapbox : Was this monicahs plan all along?

Was this monicahs plan all along?

monicah on 19 hours ago
20 hours ago gameboy said:
20 hours ago monicah said:

You responded to it!
It’s here

It’s extremely awful

And Jan ruined irl relationship with someone I had on Frank’s board by spreading lies about me to him and other ppl. Remember I told you that? Of course I’m going to react in a very upset manner.

You never did invite me after I actually did calm down though months later which shows you lied to me about joining. You lied to me about being a friend and that’s a fucked up thing to do. I don’t like being lied to. I already shared my experience of fb on imdb2 and once the admin allows me to defame your board too I’m going to do just that.
Oh, I thought you were saying there was a thread on Plato's Cave. You were talking about filmboards and PAGG's typical nonsense. That stupid mannequin bothered you?

I said this on that thread:

Monicah apologized afterwards and said she needed a break from posting. It's all good. Monicah's a sweet person. I've known her for years and I hold nothing against her.
Anyway, I'm not Rocket and I'm not gonna argue with you for days about this.

Take care of yourself.

People on your board also responded to it like pinky and hepocles etc.

Like I said in pm I bringing everything I know about your board over to imdb2 now

Take care

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What have you bastards done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn you are stalking her.

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They are all cringey af like get a grip 😆

Just letting everyone know how terrible of a forum this is and what it does to people struggling with mental health.

What? Good grief it is a movie message board. How tf do people manage to let a movie message board affect their mental health?

Re: Was this monicahs plan all along?

If the plan was to never get an invitation to Gameboy's board, then I'd say she was successful.