Paranormal : UFO Nonsense is Over

UFO Nonsense is Over

On Friday, the Pentagon released a report on UFOs.

MANY people thought it was going to be a report what had conclusions and actual amazing information. In reality it was a nine page report, that looked like it was written the night before, and said—we don't think anything is going on.

I had to laugh.

So, according to the US, there are no aliens visiting and they don't believe the history of reports means anything.

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The report says they don't know what they are and they need to collect more data and do more research. They list five nonexclusive explanations for the sightings they investigated: balloons and other junk; atmospheric phenomena; classified U.S. projects; foreign technology; "other".

Other: Although most of the UAP described in our dataset probably remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection processing or analysis, we may require additional scientific knowledge to successfully collect on, analyze and characterize some of them. We would group such objects in this category pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them. The UAPTF intends to focus additional analysis on the small number of cases where a UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management.

And a Handful of UAP Appear to Demonstrate Advanced Technology

In 18 incidents, described in 21 reports, observers reported unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics.

Some UAP appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernable means of propulsion. In a small number of cases, military aircraft systems processed radio frequency (RF) energy associated with UAP sightings.

The UAPTF holds a small amount of data that appear to show UAP demonstrating acceleration or a degree of signature management. Additional rigorous analysis are necessary by multiple teams or groups of technical experts to determine the nature and validity of these data. We are conducting further analysis to determine if breakthrough technologies were demonstrated.

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Yes, but some guy wrote that in an afternoon and it's a blow off.

We will not hear about it again.

This got popularized by the guy from Blink 182 Tom Delounge who owns a fake documentary company. ALL of the media military experts work for him, so they are lying.

He was writing this senator interested in UFOs and that guy got the tricky law passed demanding the Pentagon make this report.

So, they made a report.

All of it was manipulation by showbiz people to make money off of the topic.

I doubt the Pentagon even spent more than a day on this.

In fact, I recently saw a 1952 gov video about the same kind of report. It said almost exactly the same thing. So, there is no real effort.

Several of the "experts" are now being hated because they were hinting at or directly promising things they would expose, and now they did not.

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No government report is ever written in an afternoon. Every sentence of that was probably written, debated, rewritten again and again, reviewed, and signed off on by multiple people across multiple agencies over several months.

You might be thinking of Project Grudge. That report dismissed all sightings. Project Sign before it allegedly favored extraterrestrials as an explanation. Project Blue Book after it again dismissed it.

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Have you ever worked for the government?

I created the relapse prevention policy for the PA department of corrections in my apartment by myself.

My supervisor was an airforce Captain with no psych education. The manager of the department was an old school freudian type. I am expert at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The Department of Corrections was focused on CBT so the manager and supervisor asked me if I was save their ass and come up with the state program, which I did.

I did it at light speed and even put together training manuals for therapists.

The government is filled with "dope fiends" which is Philly slang for hustlers that cut corners.

I was in a relationship with someone from IBM. She would work on 160 million dollar business deals "the night before" with her team, like high school kids.

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Great post, none of it credible.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

None of what is credible?

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Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

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Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Three grad degrees? Mercy!

I do believe that you have been associated with psychology for 32 years, sure.

Are these novels published, or do they just exist on the walls of your apartment?

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Stop being jealous.

It will impair your functioning.

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And the first time you would have casually talked about Jews or black people they would have stuffed you in a broom closet.

Let's face it you were probably more patient than practitioner.

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Sophie lies.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

You seem like the type of person who would believe in UFO’s!

One of the best ways to drain people’s energy nowadays is via the internet

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I know enough about physics to know that even going to Mars is just bullshit.

However, it's pretty likely that we do not know every single thing, so if the government had clear proof or a UFO landed, I would change my point of view.

Also, in ancient Indian stories, that talked about having an airforce and Krishna shot what sounded like an atomic bomb at enemies. Even the one guy who invented the atomic bomb said it might have existed before.

So, there could have been some hidden technology from Earth.

Also, there are released classified documents that talk about military encounters with UFOs around nuclear missile bases.

So, there is stuff to think about.

However, the main issue is that it's all stuff you "hear about" and even classified documents, how do I know if they're real?

2020 was just nonstop bullshit stories about corona, race, the election, and so on. Now it is all fading, because it was a fad. Thus, I am at the point where if it's in the media and doesn't add up, I do not believe.

Also, I worked for the government for a long time and know a LOT of soldiers. They are not like people in the movies, they are YOLO goofballs. So, I do not believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

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Actually, it's more moronic to assume that UFOs don't exist… Dumbass, we live in an infinite universe and somehow your self-entitled ass still believes that we're alone in the universe. 🙄

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It's a shame you've came back after the adlerian left. You seem to really like his threads.

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Hi. I'm your female counterpart now.

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Oh wow!

I always thought that would be interesting.

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"…and said—we don't think anything is going on.

So, according to the US, there are no aliens visiting and they don't believe the history of reports means anything."

That is nothing new.
That has been going on for decades.

Were you expecting something different?

BTW: What do you think of Roswell?
Did a UFO really crash and was it covered up?

You have any thoughts or insights of Area 51 you care to share?

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This topic really gets me going!

There's a UFO account from 1500s Nuremberg Germany called the Battle of Nuremberg!!!

It's a document where everyone in town saw orbs, cigar shapes, and what looked like a giant spear tip in the sky. People said they appeared to be having a battle.


Meanwhile, the most common UFO shapes reported are orbs, cigar shapes, and triangles(spear tip). So, what the fuck was that in the 1500s?

There was a similar situation in Switzerland around the same time.

Look it up.

What I don't like is that there's been decades of books published, mostly by military people about UFOs. They make wild claims, get a fad going, then it dies. One guy published a book about the Soviet Manual of Aliens. This was like in the 70s and what came out of it, nothing.

So, it is hard to believe military people because they have a history of lying about this stuff for money. The current crop of "experts" all work for an entertainment company run by the guy from Blink 182.

Once I found that out I thought it all bullshit.

If you check out the UFO forums on Reddit that are depressing to me. MANY people were expecting the government report to be much different.

I was not.

I thought of something humorous though. The requested report was for UNIDENTIFIED objects. So, if the government actually knew about aliens or Earth supervehicles, they would not have to put them in that report because they are IDENTIFIED!

If the government knew what they were, they would not belong in the report.

Roswell and Area 51:

I assume that they have to do with government testing.

I was at an airshow years ago and there was a stealth fighter there.

The thing was literally gliding over the crowd as I turned around because I hear a noise. It was moving so slowly I could see the pilot's face.

I did not know jets could move SLOWLY. It was shocking and amazing and I have a crystal clear memory of it.

So, you need places to work on stuff like that.

What do you think?

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What do I think?

That there just has to be alien life on other planets.

That some of them have indeed paid us visits.

That some stories of UFO sightings are mistaken, faked and hoaxes while others are real.

That not nearly as many, if any at all, were abducted by aliens.
I think a lot of those, if not all of them, stories are bogus.

That indeed an alien spaceship did crash and it and perhaps any bodies were recovered and maybe taken to Area 51 where top secret new military stuff is worked on and tested.

That we have benefited from alien technology which would explain the jumps in just a few years compared to earlier where we have things such as computers, smart phones, digital cameras, DVRs, electric/hybrid cars, space travel and the military with their stealth bombers and other sad things for destruction.

How much the USA government has seen and what they really know is a hell of a lot more than they are telling us.

That is what I think.

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I think it's possible.

The only way aliens could visit here is if what we know about physics is totally wrong.

Hundreds of years ago doctors thought the body had several fluids called "humors" and they determined everything from your health to your personality. However, that was TOTALLY WRONG!

We have to be that wrong about physics for space flight to be a real thing.

I think it's possible since doctors a long time ago were dead sure about humors. People have a tendency to act like they are right even though they know nothing. So, maybe we can fly faster than the speed of light and Einstein was some bullshiter.

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Interesting thought process you have there.

I sorta follow and yet I don't because we are doing space travel and have been to the moon and back.
So physics is working for that, right?

I suppose they have yet to discover or find ways to make it faster and farther is what I think you are saying?

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

You should read about the problems with space travel.

We really can't go anywhere and we will not be going to Mars any time soon.

With spacecraft, they are like throwing a dart or ball at a target. You throw it will force and it keeps going and if you did it right, it hits the target.

With planes on Earth, you can go all kinds of directions. That's because the atmosphere creates force on the plane and that force can be used to change directions.

In space you can't really "fly" because there's nothing to push against to change directions. You would need jets on every surface of the ship and they would all need to work perfectly to fly in space. On top of that you would need a huge amount of fuel to make those jets all work.

Our Mars probes get flung to Mars and they crash land. They don't fly there.

So, we do not have the technology to fly through space.

To get anywhere in a timely manner it would take giant amounts of fuel. I remember reading to get to the next star in a normal amount of time you would need ALL OF THE ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE to do it.

Also the human body does not last in space because you need gravity to keep muscle and bone. So, we can only be there for short periods.

So, if aliens can actually travel here, they have discovered some thing that we never thought of. That would mean all ideas we have about the subject are wrong.

For instance they are able to survive a space trip.

They can maneuver a ship through space like an airplane.

Einstein explained you can't go faster than the speed of light, so that would be wrong.

Like I've said, human "scientists" have been wrong about a LOT of stuff, then sweep it under the rug, so that could be the case.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

That and also alien bodies might have developed differently than ours through evolution and based on conditions of their planets.
Perhaps they are able to adapt better to space travel than we are if they are in harsher conditions that they survive.

And they probably have different things they can use for fuel and engines etc that we have zero access to which could also explain why they are more advanced then us.

Perhaps some year we can catch up to them but it may take a super genius to figure it out.
Maybe even one from another world.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Possible, but that means we are totally wrong about psychics.

So, anyone who says they know about energy, space, etc is totally full of shit and is a babbling idiot.

Again, in the past, all doctors and scientists were in fact idiots who thought they were geniuses.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Einstein was right.

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 😠 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Slava Ukraini

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

If so, we will never ever travel very far in space.

We better enjoy what we have.

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You can't travel faster than the speed of light, but there may be ways around that, wormholes etc.

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 😠 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Slava Ukraini

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Yeah, they are theories though and you'd have to get to one.

It might empty out into the middle of a sun.

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Yes, and you might become spaghettified or worse if you tried, so there are a LOT of problems there. For now we're stuck with the whole speed of light thing. But it's fun to think about it.

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There's a good Science fiction book called The Forever War.

I thought that was the Chris Pratt one at first but got disappointed.

It's about a soldier in a future war where they can go almost the speed of light. So, the war advances further and further out into space.

But, as Einstein said, time is different while traveling that fast, it's slower. If you travel a year at the speed of light, maybe a 100 years goes by on Earth.

Anyway, the war was over in like 10 years for the soldier and he was happy. But, by the time he got back to Earth, like 10,000 years past and no one remembered anything about the war he was in.

It was a good book.

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Sounds interesting, and I knew what was going to happen to that poor soldier. Relativity is a bitch!

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 😠 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Slava Ukraini

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Yes, that's why I said basically what happened, you could see it coming but the book was written creatively so it didn't matter.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 😠 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Slava Ukraini

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It is hilarious that they expect people to belive this. lol

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As I've said—-the public asked for info on UNIDENTIFED objects….and the report said "We can't identify them" lol!!!!

Are there INDENTIFED ones that would be surprising?

Bill Clinton when asked "What is your relationship" responded "Define the word is please" and I know where he got that from. It's from Martin Heidegger's book Being and Time.

The word "is" could mean "recently" or right this second.

So, if I'm having an affair, I could end it "right this second" and say there is no affair.

Thus, political people love to play tricky mind games like that. So, the report could have been bullshit like that. Maybe the government knows 50 different alien craft. Maybe, it's all a cultural myth type of thing. Maybe Belgium has super weapons and no one wants to face it.

I was never a UFO believer but I am interested in what people believe and why. So, I would like to know about UFO stories. What are they and why do they play out the same way.

I have read ones from the military that are WILD and what is going on there?

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I never trusted those damned Belginese!

I'm with you - there is almost certainly life elsewhere in the universe, but almost as certainly, it has never visited us due to the vast distances involved and limits on achievable speed. Although I do allow for the possibility that some civilization has been around for tens or hundreds of thousands of years and has developed some sort of space-folding or wormholey technology that allows them to circumvent the above problem.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over


I love science fiction stories for creativity and messages about life, but I do not believe there is technology that can allow real space travel.

However, in ancient Indian texts, there was talk about an airforce and Krishna used something that sounded like an atomic bomb.

So, could some pocket of people 100,000 years ago, etc have had modern type machines?

I could believe that.

Is there something on Earth that could create magnetic levitation, I could believe that.

If I suddenly found out that some cult in India has levitating ships they kept secret for thousands of years, I would not be extremely surprised.

I'm not saying I believe that, but I would not be surprised.

However, I am inclined to believe that UFOs are a mix of crazy people and showbiz people trying to make money.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

It's not nonsense, and it's NEVER over.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

I think it's nonsense because there haven't been enough people who have seen them.

It's as simple as that.

Also due to living in a capitalist country, there's a huge incentive to lie about nearly everything. So, there's a high likelihood that most people, even the government, lies they exist.

For instance, in the 60s the CIA leaked false info that the US had psychic spies. So, in the media psychics were very popular. This was to make the Soviets think we had them and to make them waste time trying to develop psychic spies.

That's a true story.

So, we live in a world where there's constant lies about all kinds of things and you can only trust what you actually see and experience.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Many commercial and military pilots from all eras have reported sighting them close up in daytime and night time. These are not nonsense people.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Yes, I have done a tremendous amount of reading on the subject.

I wonder what is going on with those kinds of reports.

I wonder if something happens to people's brains when flying that we don't know about.

If I get really tired, I will see golden sparkles in my peripheral vision. This when I have little sleep, high stress, and have been reading/writing a lot.

I wonder if what pilots see is actually something like that and not UFO. I know that's not a fun explanation, but there's a lot of reports from people in the air and less on the ground.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

I don't know the statistics (nobody does because everyone doesn't report) but I'm pretty sure there are many more ground based sightings.

Pilots don't experience sightings because something happens to their brain at altitude. The interior of planes is pressurized, but you know that. If you had a friend or relative (pilot) who told you about a close up sighting and you knew this person to be a no nonsense person, I doubt you would dismiss it.

A famous and well documented sighting by a commercial pilot -

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Ground based sightings can be anything though.

People see lights, hovering things, and so on and there's a wide variety of explanations.

Your response was stupid regarding pilots because IF SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO THEIR BRAINS WE WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT IT IS and the cabin is "pressurized" doesn't mean shit. Maybe that pressurization causes brain seizures in a percentage of people.

I have a strong feeling that pilots aren't seeing anything that is real. That's why they are seeing what amounts to being "white blobs" when you think about it.

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Yes, many ground based sightings are explainable. Many are not and trained observers like cops, ATC personnel, and ex-military have reported seeing objects that are not explainable. In daylight hours and close up, not some dot 5 miles away. I don't know what they are, but when they make right angle turns at Mach 10, I know what they're not.

If you think pilots' brains are being negatively affected by altitude or pressurization, maybe you should ask a few pilots why there are so few mid-air collisions or planes falling from the sky.

What do you think of the account of the JAL 1628 sighting?

Re: UFO Nonsense is Over

Art Bell gave up his life so that you guys would have something to talk about at 4:00am eastern time.

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