Highlander : This Afternoon, I Developed a New Theory Regarding Highlander…

This Afternoon, I Developed a New Theory Regarding Highlander…

My friend was discussing a favorite topic of his - Vampires (and if you bring up Twilight in his presence, he will end you. The man is the size of King Kong Bundy) - and one series of books that require Vampires to go through a ritual that erases inconsequential memories, lest they go insane from over-burdening the physiological limitations of their brains.

I immediately reflected on Highlander as he was explaining this to me and the difficulties of immortality when a thought occurred to me:

The Gift is actually unlimited memory.

Then all the logical corroborations began to fall into place. I shared this epiphany with my friend, who immediately concurred with my theory and lamented that it made more sense than his theory that the gift was ultimate empathy. He stated Conner's ideal of uniting the world influenced his theory, but relented that mine was better.

Except that they both work, because ultimate empathy can be gained by the infinite life experiences that will come with immortality and the ability to remember them.

Essentially, "the One" will gain access to a memory databank that exceeds their own physical limitations: the Cloud. CONNOR MacCleod! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!

You can tell me I'm full of sh%# by responding below.

I won't take credit now because I don't want to get blamed later.