Politics : The left has only itself to blame

The left has only itself to blame

I'm on the left, but jesus fucking christ the left is full of the biggest fucking retards on the planet. This is what happens when you spend years not voting for Democratic candidates all because you didn't get everything exactly as you want. Now you got nothing. This is why the right is smarter than the left. They don't care about the perfect candidate. They know the only thing that matters is winning. Now the right has the Supreme Court, and many of the policies and ideals the left holds dear are in jeopardy. Don't blame Trump. Don't blame McConnel. Blame yourselves. Elections have consequences. Being a retard has consequences. You should have voted for Hillary, you stupid fucks.

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Re: The left has only itself to blame

It is Hillary's fault for trying to appeal to the activist left when she would have been better off trying to appeal to more moderate voters. She wouldn't have lost the Rust Belt and the election had she done that.

Re: The left has only itself to blame

Democrats wouldn't have lost if they went with Bernie.