Stephen King : Storm if the Century

Storm if the Century

Question about the story. Spoilers?

So Andre Lenoge cane to Little Tall island to get one of the kids so he could raise him himself to replace him once he's gone, right?

Then there's the story about the town a hundred years ago that completely diassapeared. Are we to assume he was looking for a replacement then, and because he didn't get one, that's why he's on Little Tall now? If so, why did he wait so long before trying again to get a kid?

Re: Storm if the Century

Yes. As Linoge told Mike, the child had to be given to him freely - "I can't take, but I CAN punish". The implication is that the people of Roanoke Island refused and so Linoge punished them by sending them all into the sea. But of course, he would have left empty handed if he wasn't able to just take a child. As for why he would have waited so long, first you have to remember that Linoge doesn't figure time the way normal people do. He even mentioned something like that, that by human reckoning he still had a long time to live. A hundred or 200 years to him would be like a year or two to us. Add to that the fact that the circumstances had to be right - a small, isolated community cut off from the outside world - and it makes more sense that he would have waited a while.

For the record, the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, that Linoge referenced, was real. The incident happened in the late 1500's and the disappearance of the settlers there has never been solved.

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