The Song of Bernadette : Some sad news

Some sad news

On Feb 20th, this board will be shut down

Re: Some sad news

All the boards across IMDb will be shut down -- not just this one. No more message posting anywhere, although the individual film sites will exist, for what that's worth other than basic information. Why IMDb is doing this is anybody's guess. But it's IMDb itself that will suffer the most.

Last day for posting is February 19, 2017. On the 20th, they're all disabled for good.

Barring a miracle, of course....

Re: Some sad news

There's a saying, "This is why we can't have nice things."

Apparently the boards are being shut down because of all the nasty *beep!* that's gone down on many of them. People who start arguments, trolling, flaming, namecalling, etc. Apparently some of it has gotten seriously bad.

Also, there is a perception that forums and web boards are a bygone thing, that "everything and everyone is on social media now". Well, I'm mostly not, although I do have a twitter account (it's @Aspen_Bell) and people are welcome to connect with me there.

I am sorry. I will miss this place.

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