Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins : Snake Eyes reviews

Snake Eyes reviews

Let's just say the 'Origins' subtitle is looking pretty optimistic. Score: 2/5

-Leigh Monson, WhatToWatch

The sheer artistry in this film is commendable and watching this brilliant Asian cast brings these characters to life is fascinating.

-Dwight Brown, National Newspaper Publishers Association

An awkward blend of ninja mythology with urban crime thriller, this globetrotting spinoff features some lackluster fight sequences while overall taking itself way too seriously.

-Todd Jorgenson, Cinemalogue

All of the great choreography and sword play is wasted with either shaky camera shots, or just poor camera placement. So much potential and ends up being one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Score: 5.5/10

-Brandon Avery, Just My Opinion Reviews

It's pointless, loaded with cliche, suffers from a fatal case of prequel-itis, and, worst of all, it's boring.

-Matt Lynch, In Review Online