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Sasha's Chase Scene

How do you think Sasha's chase scene compares to the all-time great slasher movie chase scenes? You can base it on performance of the actress, or how well shot the scene is, or how suspenseful it is, but use your own judgement and metrics.

Personally I think it's up there with Helen's chase in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Wendy's in Prom Night. I think there are some great jump scares throughout, and Sasha gets close enough to escaping a number of times which helps keep the tension high. The lightning flashing is really cool and the music is very memorable. Plus I think Tara Reid is a great screamer and she looked good doing it to boot!

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Agree with the great screamer part. Tara isn't the worst actress ever but she's no Denise Richards / Jennifer Love Hewitt. But she is better than Jennifer Aniston.

That aside the chase scene does rock.

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Oh please don't compare Tara to "I think I'm amazing but I'm useless" denise Richards! I can't stand doing Denise as an actress, he's terrible but thinks she's beautiful & amazing.

Tara is one billion times better than Denise

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That was definitely the best and most suspenseful sequence in the film. Tara Reid did a hell of a job selling how scared for her life Sasha was.

I've been chasing grace/ But grace ain't easy to find

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I thought the actress playing Sasha was reaaallly bad in this scene. The overall sequence was cool and well shot and suspenseful, but everything about her performance was way over-dramatic and annoying. All her scenes were bad, actually. No wonder she only had about 10 lines.

Nice breasts, though. What else she been in?

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Dude, I think she's hot too, but I wouldn't want to watch more of her movies if I thought she was a terrible actress.

What did you find annoying about her in this scene? The screaming? I think she did a great job selling her fear.

And the only other movies I've seen her in are The Big Lebowski and Van Wilder. She's bad in Van Wilder but perfect for her Big Lebowski role.

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I was trying to make a crass joke about how her role felt more like an effective advertisement for her hotness rather than an actual performance, as so many female roles in slasher movies are. Like, she's a completely inconsequential character and has about 10 lines this whole movie, but then she suddenly gets to take center stage for 5 minutes and run around in that skimpy dress? I mean, yeah, I found myself wishing she'd live, but if I'm honest with myself it's because I was attracted to her not because she was a character I cared about. Which, I'm arguing, is the filmmaker's and actress's intent.

And yeah, it was her screaming. And her line readings. When she goes "I don't wanna die" it just didn't feel like she was begging for her life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It just sounds like you aren't really down with slashers, which is totally cool. Like, "an inconsequential character taking center stage for 5 minutes to run around in a skimpy dress" is pretty much a standard trope of the genre and one that the filmmakers and actresses are certainly aware of and enjoy doing. Showing off the hot girl is definitely one of its goals, but if it also creates a fun scene within the movie, what's the harm?

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This movie along with her early credits prove that she was good actress and real heatly looking. Tara was along side Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe one of my teen crushes. I was opsesed with that late 90's slasher era.
Her role had this amazing long chase scene, and just that scene and Sarah's in I Know What You Did Last Summer are real chase scenes in horror. Tara look so hot and natural, it is so shame and sad how she looked now :( she can tell whatever she want, but we onow how she supposed look like, Urban Legend is prove. Not skinny, beautiful natural hotness.
I really enjoy this flick.
Miss those days

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I saw this movie in theaters when I was 10, and this is the scene that frightened me more than any other movie scene, ever. It seemed to go on forever and the music was so loud and the way she was screaming had me shaking.

When my older brother bought the VHS we watched the movie over and over and I fell in love with the scene. It's so well done, and it's arguably the highlight of the movie. It kicks off the final act, and there's no other scene in the movie that's so well though out or executed.

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It's definitely one of my favorites!