Hi, everyone.
Tonight it's a year since murderers, payed by republican US-government attacked the now independent Ossetia, and tried to kill 40.000 people. The reason: John McCain should win the elections, and it would be a chance for McCain to blame Russia, if our army would interfere.
Russian forces stopped the Georgian hired guns, but 1500 innocent ossetians were killed, with US-bullets.

I'm writing this not in hope (of course) to say something new, or bring facists and war Criminals (Michail Saakashvili, George Bush Jr., Condaleesa Rice, John McCain) behind bars, but I want you to remember that day, the way you remember things like Holocaust. It is a day of the War Crime, commited by the government of the "United States of America" (not the American people).

I'm not saying I hate all the republicans – I don't. And I know, there are lots of good people among them. It is nothing wrong in being conservative, but it is very wrong to be a facist.
I'm not saying Georgians are bad – They are not. It's good people, the same way Ossetians are, but they still have an unsolved problem, having a facist for president.
I'm not saying, I support Russian government in all aspects – I don't. But I do in this one.
If I see comments like "F.U., Russian pig", or something like that, I forgive you, because I know my country did some bad things in the past, and that's the reason lots of people hate us. But I still know, most of those people are good, so I just wish you good health and long life, whether you like me or not.

The reason I wrote this – We still want to talk about that. Everybody knows Hitler and Stalin were bastards (which is a fact), but no one likes to count all the sins of Uncle Sam. We do. And we'll keep doing so, whether someone likes it or not.
Have a nice day.

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Take your pro Putin/war criminal bs elsewhere.