No Time to Die : No Time to Die reviews

No Time to Die reviews

A great closing for the cycle of films starring Daniel Craig and one of the best James Bond films in the history of the franchise.

Rating: 3/4

-Ernesto Diezmartinez, Cine Vértigo

The new installment is exciting for its energy and scale, despite its flaws and derivative themes, and makes a lovely valediction for its star.

-Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

Those who make their way to the multiplex for No Time to Die will at least be treated to plenty of eye-popping spectacle.

Rating: 6/10

-Matt Singer, ScreenCrush

By the end, the movie itself feels worn out, uncertain what it is we're all doing here.

-Sam Adams, Slate

For anyone who's grown up with Bond, as I have, or found themselves re-energised by Craig's muscular turn in the role, this is a big moment, a big film and one you'll definitely want to see on the big screen.

Rating: 4/5

-Matthew Bond, The Mail on Sunday (UK)

Re: No Time to Die reviews

Yeah, A Majority of the Reviews of the Movie has been Pretty Positive so far.

I myself am not going to judge it until after I see it which will be on Friday (it comes out here in the U.S. on Friday).

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Good to know