Goodfellas : Jimmy's solution to the Luftansa heist "heat" (spoilers)

Jimmy's solution to the Luftansa heist "heat" (spoilers)

I know, it's kinda stupid to put the spoiler warning but some idiots still complain about it. Anywhoo...

Doesn't it make more sense for Jimmy to whack and dispose of the bodies of his former crew in secret places where they won't be found instead of throwing their bodies away in public places like in a parked car out in the open, the garbage route, or in a commercial meat locker? It just seems that the heat from both local and federal law enforcement would point towards him after they have their bit conducting the autopsies. Even back then, investigators could easily identify the method of killing and associate it to a key suspect(s). I dunno, it's just something that's always bugged me even though the scene of the dead bodies being discovered to Clapton's Layla plays out cinematically 'n all.

Re: Jimmy's solution to the Luftansa heist "heat" (spoilers)

Jimmy was smart, tough and arrogant. This would not surprise me at all that he left a trail of bodies.

That said, the feds never could get him on Lufthansa. They tried over and over again but every time they got close, somebody got murdered. The only way they got Jimmy Burke was because Henry turned states evidence. Not about Lufthansa mind you, but about a point shaving scheme that Burke was only loosely affiliated with.

Its like Capone. If you cant get him for one thing, chances are he did something else and maybe you can get him for that.

Re: Jimmy's solution to the Luftansa heist "heat" (spoilers)

And nasty and sadistic and creepy too. He was creepier than Tommy. Tommy was a loud, murderous brute, but he didn't have that creepy 50s Friends-watching The WB (OK an exagerration as those 2 didn't exist yet, but Jimmy is one of those types) milkman quality that Jimmy had.