Richard Jewell : Jewell got the short end of the stick because he's a white man

Jewell got the short end of the stick because he's a white man

I personally don't think the film had a political agenda. But I've heard critics say this film had a conservative agenda because, along with Eastwood directing it, the antagonists are the FBI and a journalist, which translates to anti-government, anti-media.

This is hypocrisy. Compare other true stories where the law was the enemy, that meet leftist approval:

With Selma, it's easy to make MLK a hero, as the enemy is governmental and societal racism, and everyone hates racists.

With North Country, it's easy to make Josey Aimes a hero, as the enemies are sexual abusers of women, and everyone hates sexual abusers.

With Rendition, it's easy to make Anwar the hero, as the enemies are CIA agents who torture via waterboarding a wrongfully-accused Muslim based on his skin color and religion, and everyone hates torture of innocent people.

With Milk, it's easy to make Harvey Milk the hero, as the enemies are a homophobic politicians, and everyone hates hate-crime murderers.

Joan of Arch, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, on and on.

All above the above films and Richard Jewell share one thing in common: The law - governmental authority - status quo is the villain. But leftists don't take issue with those films being anti-government.

Here's where Jewell differs: Richard Jewell was a staunch right-winger. A Southern, excessive gun-owning, hunting, (heterosexual) fat white man in rural Georgia.

This is why Richard Jewell's name isn't more famous than it is, and why it took Clint Eastwood decades later to put his name on the map.

Hollywood generally only wants to make movies about governmental abuse of authority if there's commentary to be found with racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia. With Jewell, they can't address the theme of white men being profiled. So, it's a lost cause.

The liberal media doesn't want to hail Jewell as a social activist and hero because they don't want to paint a (conservative) white man as a victim to social injustice. There's no incentive for them there.

Both the FBI and media described Jewell as "fitting the profile" of a terrorist despite being a Southern white man, and liberals are always telling us that white men are not profiled.

The bottom line is, liberals do not take issue with a film being "anti-government" if the victim to the government is an oppressed minority. If that is not the case, then the theme of anti-authority, anti-government becomes analogous to having a conservative agenda.

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Good points. This film is similar to Paul Newmans "Absence of Malice" where Newspaper and FBI go after son of mobster and liquor distributer Paul Newman. The major difference is the Paul Newman character was a savvy cool character. After all he's played by Paul Newman, regardless of politics a very cool guy. Richard Jewell comes off as Gomer Pyle's weird cousin. At times I thought the actor was doing a John Candy caricature. The "don't say anything" bit became a running gag.

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