Sandra Hüller : Is Sandra Hüller considered a beauty in Germany?

Is Sandra Hüller considered a beauty in Germany?

Been watching her films from Requiem all the way to Zone of Interest and her other 2023 stuff and I really say she's a beauty! Especially before 2012 particularly in Requiem and Above Us Only Sky!

But I notice she doesn't seem to get praise for her stunning face and all rave about her is almost entirely on her acting skills in contrast to other German movie stars like Marlene Dietrich, Diane Kruger, and Romney Schneider. So I'm curious if people in Germany overall think she's a gorgeous lady especially during her late 20s when she broke out in the German cinema landscape?

Re: Is Sandra Hüller considered a beauty in Germany?

Pssst… i'll tell you a secret since you seem to have a crush on Sandra… she gets buttnaked in Toni Erdmann.

other than that, i'm from Germany and i havent heard here that she's considered a beauty or whatever. her looks never get mentioned actually, beither in good nor bad ways, one way or the other. all people talk about her is her amazing talent. she's one of our very best and is highly regard. everyone respects her without even bringing looks into it for people to judge and talk about. same goes for Petzold's girls, Nina Hoss and Paula Beer.

i know what you mean tho and why you are asking. looks just don't matter so much here, in general. they do to a certain extent, yes, but looks are never made a very important aspect.

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