Cocoon : Im Sure we will reach eternal life in the near Future :O)

Im Sure we will reach eternal life in the near Future :O)

Hi sciense Nerds..

I belive in Eternal life and i also belive that in the near distant future it is possible to raise a person from death to life, And give it Eternal life. (like bulding a person from outside by growning cells and body and also brain with memmories ect with the help of bio enginiering genetics and DNA. And if one could recreate a duplication of a person from scratch then logicaly its possible to recreate a person originaly from scratch like from for exampel... death. This is how, If you look att a person as an apple, And lets say that the apple dissapears by some reason, Then one could reverse enginier the exact same apple from its state before it dissapeard.. for example by surounding the place of where the apple used to exist, With the help of time (like time travel) and then reverse enginier the apple back from scratch to its former state. Affcourse The enginiering teknike will advance with time and gett more effective.
And then we have the question of Space... Forexample having space for everyone to live in. Beside of the colonisation of Outerspace and its planets. There is a infinite way to build matter. Forexample,
If you look att matería as a sphear from outside then one can make materia to grow outwards without end. The principe is simple
Its like always climbing uppwards by adding matter and then the more you climb the more can you climb, With the help of adding matter.
So there is always more hight to climb.
So one can say that nothingnes (Space) is infinite..
So then one could say that humanity finally can create eternal life perfectly fore everyone to enjoy and not only for those that invented it.
Afcourse it is also important with equal welth in the future. :O)
A tipp is to use eternity to solve eternal life... If Genesis has alredy startet then it is logicaly that it will last forever because time never stops. So one can say that eternity has already startet.

Regards Semi

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