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Halloween Ends reviews


Halloween Ends is one of the least fulfilling endings to any trilogy, not to mention a rather inept Halloween film even compared to the franchise's previous huge swings.

Score: 1.5/5

-Matt Donato, WhatToWatch

Green’s attempt at creating something subversive is to be applauded, but the execution and delivery of this finale are wholly disappointing. If this is how it all ends, then what a shame…

Score: 4/10

-Matt Hudson, What I Watched Tonight

An absurd, baroque, and jaw-droppingly ambitious capper to a franchise that has been defined by wild variations in quality, Halloween Ends’ reach may well exceed its grasp, but nevertheless offers a fearless and deranged vision in horror.

Score: 4/5

-Christopher Machell, CineVue

It’d be maddening if it wasn’t so boring. But it’s not just about what the movie isn’t, it’s also about what it is – a messy collection of sluggish scenes with no thematic through line and a distinct lack of tension, excitement, or slashing.

-Lindsay Traves, Pajiba

I appreciate that the movie is doing something different. Halloween Ends has moments where it shows a lot of promise, but it's ultimately a mess.

-Korey Coleman, Double Toasted

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I knew it would suck!

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I have zero interest in seeing this film.

Yes, this is really me.

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