Diane Lane : Had a crush on her since..

Had a crush on her since..

I must have been about 7-9 years old when I first saw her in 'Six Pack' and was so taken away by her. As beautiful as she is, she seemed to have a "girl next door" quality about her. Meaning she was not one of those super hot high nose women you saw that seemed unapproachable. She always seemed to remind me of the cutest girl in class that would smile when you smiled at her. As she got older, she seemed to just age into this striking woman who had a down to earth attitude that showed in her acting, as it did in 'Judge Dredd'. It is hard to see that she is now going into the older stage of her life and her youthful looks have faded only because I was aware of her when she was a young woman and it reflects on me as well, that people of my generation are now getting to that same stage. But she is still proving how beautiful she is at any age.

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Great point of view gutz1981; the first time I discovered Diane Lane was when I was reading a TV guide ("The Cotton Club") while waiting for my teeth to be looked at at the University of Buffalo (I was 8 years old at the time). I liked her name, and had no idea what she looked like. Well, I ended up liking her ability, and she's also a natural beauty (at least I think so).

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I have had a crush on her since "A Little Romance" (1979) and her Time Magazine cover and story in 1979.