Highlander : Funniest scene…

Funniest scene…

When 'old' Heather appeared over the hill

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Re: Funniest scene…

Makes me laugh every time --

After Kruger checks into the sleezy motel and plays with his sword
a "lady of the night" shows up in his doorway and says
"I'm Candy" - His response is "Of course you are" - dry humor at its best.

They pulled a mind scramble on us! They opened their eyes and talked! The Lost Boys

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Jeez she was a rough dog

You would imagine a being like Krugan wouldn't need to get his rocks off

Re: Funniest scene…

They should have showed the Kurgan and Candy's "kinky" sex while that same music that plays while he's putting his sword together keeps playing in the background

Re: Funniest scene…

I decided that this is my favorite scene

Re: Funniest scene…

Another good one is one Macleod is leaving Brenda's apartment, and looks up, hearing Ramirez say "You must leave her, brother."

Is he looking up at her apartment, remembering Ramirez's fateful words? Or is he looking up to heaven, because Ramirez is speaking to him from beyond the grave?

I mean, they communicate telepathically at the end. Does Ramirez's ghost chime in with that every time Macleod goes on a date? Perhaps

Re: Funniest scene…

The funniest part to me was when the motel guy says some remark to the kurgan, and he just turns around and grabs him and is like "DONT TALK TO ME AGAIN..." LMAOOO!