All Dogs Go to Heaven : Favorite line(s)?

Favorite line(s)?

Mine would have to be: "MORONS! I'm surrounded by MORONS!"

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I second that, whenever I think about this flim that line automatically springs to mind.

But I was watching again today for the first time in many many years and this line by Itchy is funny too:

"What kind of hood is this guy? Givin' to the poor without takin' his cut!"

Something like that heh.

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My favorite line is in the scene where Charlie and Itchy are putting Anne Marie to bed in the junkyard:

Charlie *speaking quietly to Itchy*

"Get some sleep. Tomorrow, we take this little time-bomb to the horsetrack and we make ourselves a fortune."

Anne Marie: "Horsies!!" *giggles* LOL I love that giggle!

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"Charlie, ain't you supposed to be on death row?"
"No, I ain't supposed to be on death row."

"Allright, the Grand Chawhee Choohaw, Chawheehee hoo ha, by surprise."

Re: Favorite line(s)?

I'm gonna take my hand away from your mouth and you're gonna be quiet, aren't you? That's my doll!


Will you shut up?! Itchy, I'm alive! Look! Do ghosts have fleas?


Edward and Bella rock! Especially Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! Final! Fact!

Re: Favorite line(s)?

My favorite line is actually at the very end...after Charlie goes to heaven for the second time...when Carface is in heaven and starts to whind his watch and the Angel Whippet yells, "I SAID TOUCH THAT CLOCK AND YOU CAN *NEVER* COME BACK!!!" then Charlie pokes in and says, "ohhh he'll be back". Perfect ending! I love the whippet!

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Here's my favorite line:

Anne-Marie *in disguise*: I WANNA MAKE A BET PLEASE!

Guy at the bet counter: *Weird face*

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Anne-Marie: Charlie, do you think you can help me find a mommy and daddy?
Charlie: I'll find the lost city of Alantis just please, please go to sleep!

Or at least that's what I think he said...

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Re: Favorite line(s)?

When Carface is lowering Killer to the piranhas:

Carface: This is strike two. You're out.
Killer: No, I get one more strike, I swear!

I feel cranky and pubescent today, and I don't know why. I'm going to take it out on people I like.

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Said quote by OP and the ending lines

Annabelle: Touch that clock and you can never come back

Carface: Shut up

Annabelle: [Yells loudly while chasing after Carface] I SAID TOUCH THAT CLOCK AND YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK!

Charlie: He'll be back!

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The quote said by the OP, and this:

"*after Itchy's rambling about a nightmare he had and then finally realizing who he's talking to* Oh. Hi, Charlie."
"*chuckles* Hi."

Re: Favorite line(s)?

The line from "Let Me Be Surprised" about used cars and singles bars. Feels like something Paul Williams could have written. Dude... evocative.

Who busts the Crimebusters?

Re: Favorite line(s)?

All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind.

Re: Favorite line(s)?

"Yup, yup, yup!"