Stephen King : Did you enjoy Lisey's Story?

Did you enjoy Lisey's Story?

I have been a big King fan for 20 years but i'm 3/4 into this book and it is the only one that feels like a chore to finish because i just don't care what happens or how it ends.

Re: Did you enjoy Lisey's Story?

I actually did. It was slow going in some spots, but I liked it overall.

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No, I didn't.

It dragged on for me, I did finish it, but as a whole, I didn't really enjoy it much. Way too long, I might have liked it more as a novella as opposed to a novel.

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Re: No, I didn't.

That is pretty much my exact same feeling too. The only good points i liked about this book were the childhood accounts of Lisey's husband and the reappearence of the castle rock cops. I did not like or care about Lisey very much and Dooley was a very boring villain. I am on the last 20 or so pages though so i'm hoping for at least a nice ending.

I hope you enjoy it,

it's always a shame to end a book with a feeling of disappointment.

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Re: Did you enjoy Lisey's Story?

I liked it. It was different from his usual stories

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Re: Did you enjoy Lisey's Story?

I had to force myself to finish it too (The only book of his I never finished was From a Buick 8, it was just too painful to keep reading).

I liked the concept of Lisey's Story, and there were definitely a couple of good suspenseful scenes, but overall it just didn't grab me.