George Harrison : Dancin' guitar legs

Dancin' guitar legs

I once polled my friends for their favorite Beatles songs, and one (a Britisher transplanted to America in childhood) answered "any song that features George's dancin' guitar legs." 'spect that'd be either I'M HAPPY JUST TO DANCE FOR YOU or I SHOULD HAVE DANCED BETTER. Particularly the 2nd, as it featured prominently in AHDN's scream-drenched concert finale. "Screaming girl legs," as another friend put it.

Along with Ringo's fey laugh following his own bad joke, George's little bowlegged guitar dance (while soloing) was a beloved camp classic to us, as tho' his spindly legs were buckling under the weight of the oversize guitar.
I also recall one screening of AHDN at the Santa Monica Nuart Theater where they mixed up the reels ("projectionist, you've failed.")

Seriously, tho', I loved much of George's music during & after the Beatles (especially the under-appreciated GEORGE HARRISON album) & thought he recorded more quality pop than any ex-Beatle except Paul, handily recovering his muse after a serious artistic slump in the mid '70s (MATERIAL WORLD; DARK HORSE; EXTRA TEXTURE.) It's hardly surprising the best Beatle pastiche of all ("When We Was Fab") should've come from an ex-Beatle. A great song & video, by George.

Re: Dancin' guitar legs

George recorded a song called "Greasy Legs", perhaps in reference to his legs requiring lubrication from all that dancing.