Game of Death : Curious Script Choices

Curious Script Choices

I was just thinking of this movie today for some reason. What I find odd is the plot of the film is, Its supposed to be Bruce Lee on the screen as Billy Lo the whole time, as in they were splicing in face shots from Bruce Lee when another actor was playing him and he always had sun glasses on too.

He then gets shot, everyone thinks he dies. He then has facial reconstructive surgery and yet comes out looking identical as he was before and then enters the tower and we see the actual scenes Bruce Lee shot before he died.

Would it not have been much more sensible, way more respectful to Bruce Lee, and much easier to film by having had the other actor play Billy Lo for the first half of the movie and do none of those silly splice ins, then get shot, get facial reconstructive surgery. And then come out from that surgery as Bruce Lee wanting to kick ass for revenge.

It would have been a good adrenaline moment to cheer in the film when you finally seen Bruce Lee. And come across as way more respectful to him too.