Moon : Confused on a couple things…

Confused on a couple things…

If Sam 2 was planning on staying while Sam 1 went to earth and Sam 3 was killed, what did he think was in store for himself by staying there? Didn't he know that he'd only be around a few years and then replaced? Also, in Sam 2's mind, was he only there for a week? He seemed to remember Gerty when he woke up as if it had been a long time, but then he tells Sam 1 he's only been there a week. Did he say that because he meant he found out he's only literally been there for a week? Or did he think it was the first week of his 3 year contract? And lastly, how long was the live feed really out? It would've had to been out for years if he couldn't contact his family after the first three years.
I'm sorry if these are stupid questions, I had a hard time following the technicalities.

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sam2 was sacrificing himself for sam1, who he felt had earned the trip "home".

aren't we all, in a sense, around for a few years and then replaced? we just don't have such a well-determined shelf life.

sam2 (and all clones) have memories implanted that include the first week or so at the base. in actuality, when a sam clone wakes up on the table in the infirmary that's the first conscious moment he's had.

the live feed has been "out" for the entire time that clones have been running the operation. the live feed was only operational for the duration of the original sam's tour on the moon, which provided ample video for the company to edit and thereby guide/control/appease the clones during their operational lifespans (at least that's my theory).

no problemo regarding the questions - this movie doesn't over-explain things, which is a big reason why some of us like it so much. we get to use our imaginations and fill in the blanks.

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Thank you so much! I couldn't stop thinking about this movie after it was over. I can't believe I'd never heard of it until I saw it on a movie channel the other night. I appreciate your response.

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sure, glad i could help. i first heard about moon via a roger ebert review, but took a couple years before finally scoring a copy of the dvd (which i've watched repeatedly since then!).

and i misspoke in my answer regarding the live feed. it's never been operational for any of the sams, which is why they have editable chunks of video instead of having to splice together conversations. they can then replay them in order to keep the clones motivated and on track.

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I stumbled on this movie about five years ago and felt the same. I'm 41 and I've seen a ton of movies, but for some reason it became one of my all time favorites. I bet I've watched it 50 times since discovering it. Rockwell was unbelievable.

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There was no concrete indication that "Sam 3" (actually Sam-7) would get killed. When "Sam 2" (actually Sam-6, or "Clone 6, the clone of Sam Bell" as he's called in the final lines of the movie) planned to stay while secretly sending "Sam 1" (actually Sam-5) to Earth, there was even no "Sam 3". Sam-6 didn't know what was in store for him, but he did feel that Sam-5 deserved to get to Earth after having fullfilled his 3-year contract, and he was possibly also prepared to sacrifice himself for that, also because Sam-6 realised himself to be a clone. So in that sense I agree with the other poster. Maybe Sam-6 assumed that he could feign to have no knowledge of Sam-5, and they would let him complete his 3-year tour (and he would figure out what to do by the end of those three years); or maybe they would simply "re-program" him, and he would resign to that fate.

Since Sam-5 was too weak to be sent to Earth and receive his well-deserved reward, Sam-6's priorities changed: now he has a motivation to go to Earth, in order to expose the injustice of the company practices. In the changed plan, Sam-7 was merely awakened in order to mask Sam'6's own escape to Earth (for a while). Since Sam-7 is just awakened and has no knowledge of what happened in the preceding week(s), there would be no reason/necessity to kill him.

When the Sam-clones are awakened, their last memory is that they space-traveled to the Moonbase; and GERTY tells them the lie that an accident happened during landing on the Moon, in which Sam got struck unconscious. When we see this awakening scene, we aren't aware yet that Sam is a (new) clone, hence we incorrectly assume that GERTY is referring to the accident with the Rover and the Harvester. After Sam-6 is awakened, he spends a week in the infirmary and is kept busy with "tests", because GERTY wasn't allowed to let him do the full duties of his normal job or else he would find out about the Sam-clone in the crashed Rover (which he did eventually find out about anyway, because Sam-6 is too head-strong to be kept "contained"/fooled).

I assume that when Sam is awakened, he has memories of training on Earth for the job, and in those training sessions on Earth there was probably also a GERTY robot (or maybe even the same GERTY robot traveled with him to the moonbase, according to Sam's memory).

Remember that all Sam-clones indeed work for about three years on the Moon. That means that when they are first awakened, they must think that they are just starting with their 3-year contract. (Sam-5 even kept track of his served time by drawing a smiley face on the wall every week.)

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Not stupid questions at all. I can answer these for you.

Question: What was Sam 2's plan if he sent Sam 1 to Earth while Gerty woke up Sam 3:

Answer: It was obvious that Sam 1 wasn't going to make it. Sam 2 was being chivalrous by suggesting Sam 1 go. I imagine he felt great pity for Sam 1 and was trying to keep his spirits up. Sam 2 might also have been planning to possibly sacrifice himself to save Sam 3 as he didn't want anyone to be able to give information on Sam 1 escaping to Earth. I suppose he could have placed himself (Sam 2 that is) inside the damaged rover outside and suffocated himself, however I believe that Sam 2 was merely helping Sam 1 have hope.


Question: How did Sam 2 know Gerty?

Answer: This one is easy. I'm sure Sam 2 (per memory implants as part of the clone protocol) remembered he'd have a robot assistant helping him run the base and care for his needs during his orientation for the 3 year contract he was to work. He knew Gerty would be there before he arrived, therefore Sam 2's acknowledgement of Gerty was obvious.


Question: How long had the live feed to Earth been out?

Answer: It's never stated how long the live feed has been out but you get the impression this has been a possibly ongoing problem due to solar flares, so the company just uses video e-mail to save money. At least that is suggested via the conversations between Sam 1 and Gerty.

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