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Catholics for Choice

Abortion Access for All

Catholics for Choice is a nonprofit organization that lifts up the voices of the majority of Catholics who believe in reproductive freedom.
“Giving a woman a legal right to have control and agency over her body translates to other aspects of her life, namely her freedom to claim political, economic, and social autonomy. The bishops reject the notion that women are equal to men. So how could they possibly support any right that would lead women into that kind of power and liberty?”
Jamie L. Manson
President of Catholics for Choice
The Catholic hierarchy’s political sway plays a huge role in influencing public policy and limiting the availability of reproductive healthcare services worldwide. However, the hierarchy’s position does not reflect what ordinary Catholics know to be just. In the U.S., 56% of Catholics believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and 68% believe that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned. Moreover, Catholic teachings on abortion have changed over time, indicating that true Catholicism is based on a deep respect for each individual conscience when making moral decisions.

Catholics for Choice fights for the rights of all individuals to have access to the full scope of reproductive healthcare, including abortion. Barriers to abortion access have the greatest impact on the poor, the vulnerable, and people of color. We are part of the majority of the faithful in the Catholic church who know that abortion access is a social justice value — and a matter to be decided by one’s individual conscience.
Do Catholics have abortions?
Yes, Catholics have abortions. In fact, Catholics have abortions at the same rate as other people.

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