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Biden is against single payer, against medicare for all, against cannabis legalization, votes for every war, made getting out of debt harder for poor people, helped write the unconstitutional Patriot Act, and racist crime bill, helped fund the border camps, said Roe vs Wade went "too far", oh yeah and he's also a rapist. joe biden doesn't seem any better than Trump, at all.

Biden is also:

is guilty of nepotism towards his disappointing, smooth-brained family members

incoherent babbling about random topics in press conferences

unfocused rage and meanness/bullying toward those who oppose or challenge him

multiple rape accusations as well as open displays of misogyny/groping women in public

slavish devotion to banks and credit card companies despite claiming the opposite in campaign rhetoric

opposed to healthcare reform

sick **** that loves droning innocent people in war

engineered coups in foreign countries to install puppet regimes that support their administration

open hostility toward black people

open antipathy toward immigrants, especially Latinos, and oversaw a regime that kept them separated from their kids, and in filthy cages in concentration camps

supports spying on the American people

supports throwing whistleblowers and journalists in prison

In addition to a credible rape case filed against Joe Biden (Tara Reade) and more coming out, there is also AMPLE video evidence that Joe Biden is a pedophile.

It's time to talk about former Vice President Joe Biden, the open sexual predator. A thread/moment…

Where Are Biden's Boundaries?


Jeff Sessions swats creepy Uncle Joe's hands away.

As for Biden's voting record and political career, there is much to shine a light on.

Biden v Scotus

Biden v coronavirus care against dems passing

Biden v Anita Hill

Biden v Tara Read

Biden helping a vehemently prolife scotus pick, Sandra Day Oconnor

Biden likes ICE, keeps walking back policy on deportation and camps

Biden has been fighting to militarize police for years

Bidens influence on killing the people of Yemen

Fuck Palestinians apparently

Biden influences ramping up of war on drugs

Biden did not support gay marriage til it was cool. Fought against it.

Biden fought to allow states to overturn Roe v Wade

Biden fought against desegregation

Biden sat out the keystone pipeline decision

Heres a compilation of Biden making young girls uncomfortable in public.

Biden :Oops I mass deported 3million inmigrants

Biden gets an F from sex workers. Fosta/sesta

Biden and NAFTA oopsie! Again.

Biden has an awful climate plan, takes money from fossil fuels, supports fracking, maybe will do some stuff for year 2050

Biden breaks ranks with democrats over net neutrality

Biden is backed by Bloomberg

Biden will never offer M4A, even if Congress wants it

Biden weakest of all dem candidates on tax increases for the wealthy

Biden has a 40 year record on sabotaging the black community

Biden voted to cut welfare for families in poverty. Still hasnt said whether he regrets it or not

Biden lied about being arrested in South Africa to see Nelson Mandela.

Biden says he was doing a civil rights with MLK, was actually just a life guard at a mixed race pool. Oops oops oops.

Biden complimented a 14 year olds breasts.

Biden have not changed his policies, his voting record is still there, Status Quo Quid Pro Quo Pedo Sleepy Joe can go **** himself.

The democrat party doesn't believe in democratic elections. This is twice (that we know of!) the democrat party has committed election fraud and election rigging.

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Re: Biden


Re: Biden

What are you doing

Re: Biden

melting down, why do you ask?

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Cuz I'm curious.

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oh, that's very nice of you!

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Re: Biden

No argument here.
You still have my vote.
One condition though…
I originally planned to vote for my cat in November. You will need a running mate. We have discussed this at length. Charlie is willing to run as VP by your side, should you run for office.

You asked a pretty question; I've given you the ugly answer.
Fasten Your Seatbelts….
It's Going To Be A Bumpy Night!

Re: Biden

You sound like a nut, or whoever you copy and pasted it from is a nut. Nearly all of that was untrue. Joe Biden has one of the most liberal platforms a Democratic nominee has ever run on and is a million times more liberal than Trump. If you don't support him, then you are an enemy to the liberal cause.