Film Noir : Best ensemble noirs.

Best ensemble noirs.

That is to say which noirs have the best/biggest collection of noir actors? Something that gives The Strange Love of Martha Ivers some competition.

Secondary challenge. Represent as many noir greats as you can with only 5 films.

Scarlet Street/East Side West Side/Pitfall/Crossfire/Casablanca - Stanwyck, Mason, Heflin, Garner, Powell, Scott, Wyatt, Burr, Robinson, Duryea, Bennett, Ryan, Mitchum, Grahame, Bogart, Bergman, Rains, Lorre, Henreid, Greenstreet.

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Do you consider East Side West Side a film noir?

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Cheating + murder + that cast = more noir than Casablanca at least. Wikipedia calls it a "melodramatic crime" film. Isn't that basically noir in 2 words?

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I'd say Laura has a lot of stars in it. Tierney, Andrews, Webb, Price and Anderson.
Touch of Evil. Heston, Leigh, Welles and Marlene.

Jessica Rabbit
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my fave for this is 99 RIVER STREET (1953)

John Payne ... Ernie Driscoll

Evelyn Keyes ... Linda James

Brad Dexter ... Victor Rawlins

Frank Faylen ... Stan Hogan

Peggie Castle ... Pauline Driscoll

Jay Adler ... Christopher

Super "dark" movie, with a dream cast!

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I'd say The Killers

Burt Lancaster
Ava Gardner
Edmond O'Brien
Albert Dekker
Sam Levene
Jack Lambert
Charles McGraw
William Conrad
Jeff Corey