The Soapbox : Azn_2 is such a bad actress

Azn_2 is such a bad actress

She never shares enough about Korean culture. She just comes here to act like a fucking crazy bitch. Someone put that ugly bitch out of her misery. Watch her fly in her like Ringu. Lol

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I've tried doing that, and no one is interested.

You're just being a jealous ugly b!tch.,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

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I thought you were a bad ass? I thought you were "Asian Supreme"? You're on here putting down all other races including the other Asian lady because she hates being Asian.

And yet that backstabbing ajhoodfellow makes more discussions about Asian culture than you do.

You look weak to me. Someone that cares about their culture and brags about it as often as you do would ONLY be discussing Asian culture.

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(Idk why this doesn't show up as a link).? Fix.? @nimda

^^ No one is interested, you jealous ugly b!tch. And I don't put down any other race but wheits or people who want to be wheit.

Some people want to argue about Asian culture, like gameboy did and I've been going back and forth with him for years.,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

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Lying bitch. You rolled over way too easy on this one. But you'll argue all day about stuff that doesn't matter to your culture. You're the absolute WORSE Asian representative on filmboards. The absolute worse.

You're not the person in your photo. Fuck up and gtfo

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I'm not the one who initiate those fights, but they do matter because most of the people I fight with are racist piggs and or self-hating and racist Asians and blacks who want to be piggs. I have a purpose with what I do on here and you pathetic trolls and attention-whores don't.

You argue with every single troll and attention-whore on here. You're just JEALOUS of the fact that I actually know how to get along with some normal people while you're the most ridiculed and hated black person on here.,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

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You don't even try bringing more Asians to filmboards.

You don't even discuss Asian foods!! We doing your job bitch. We talk about Asian cuisine more than you are.

Re: Azn_2 is such a bad actress

I've tried doing that, and no one is interested, including you. You don't give rat's a*s about Asian food, cuisine or anything Asian. You think all Asians are ugly ffs, you jealous ugly b!tch!,_Evolution,_and_Behavior