Erin Murphy : A Warm and beautiful Person

A Warm and beautiful Person

I have had the pleasure of meeting Erin two times at the Hollywood Collector Show. She is a gracious, warm and very friendly person. We talked about her work, her family (I used to live not to far from her)and of course, "Bewitched." This was couple of years ago...but I'm sure she is still the same person. Very sweet.

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and she's a hottie!

-That's all the time we have, thanks for playing.

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Erin is one of the few child TV stars who did not end up screwed up after becoming an adult. I saw several TV interviews with her and she looks great now. She sounded very down to earth and was not stuck up like some of those Hollywood people. I remember the Bewitched TV series and how cute she was as a child actress.