Tom Skerritt : 75 years old????

75 years old????

Damn, hard to believe when he was on Cheers he was already 55, and even moreso, 60 on Picket Fences!!!

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I was just about to post on the same subject. I was reading a review of "Alien" and it mentioned that he was 46 when he made that. I figured it must've been a typo, but lo and behold, he actually is 75 now. Crazy.

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OMG, is that true?? That's so unbelievable! Compare him with Hugh Hefner, only a few yeas older than him but definitely NOT as well preserved.

Wow. I'm shocked.

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lol @ comparing him to Hugh Hefner. I guess Hef has had a bit more, um, wear and tear.

Re: 75 years old????

wow, I think we're all in shock!

He was almost 50 in Parent Trap II- and even the 13 year old girls on there thought he was gorgeous! (and so did I)

I would have thought he was in his 60's now... he's just started to show some age very recently (with the white hair and stuff)

He is right up their w/ Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck when it comes to sexy- timeless!

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Re: 75 years old????

Now 76. In four years he'll be 80. Unreal.

The dude wears it well.

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It IS unreal, just coming here to see what others had to say. Even though he is well preserved, I think we haven't seen him in anything in recent years and have forgotten how long it's been. Well, at least for me. I saw him on Brothers & Sisters, but that was a cameo or two. Other than that, probably Contact was the last thing I remember him from.

He only started acting when he was 29, but he totally could pass for 65 now, or at least no more than 70.

Re: 75 years old????

53 in Top Gun? Sounds about right - a very fit and in shape 53, but it makes sens 111c e to me... Time just moves fast!

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Re: 75 years old????

If he was born in 33, that makes him 83.

Would you believe 90?

Almost. The guy from MASH, Hawaii Five O, etc. Wow!

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Re: 75 years old????

And now he's 90 years old.

Yes, this is really me.