Goodfellas : What happens if Jimmy's crew whacked him and took his money?

What happens if Jimmy's crew whacked him and took his money?

After the Lufthansa Heist happened, what would Paulie have done if Johnny Roastbeef, Frankie Carbone or even Henry and Tommy or some minor members of Jimmy's crew had plotted together and whacked Jimmy when he got cheap and was refusing to pay everyone their share of the loot?

Jimmy was being a real pain the ass over the money, wasnt letting those guys buy expensive stuff and wasnt sharing the fortune that they made, Maurie got killed just for breaking his balls, would have been hilarious if someone called Jimmy to a meeting to discuss another heist and then whacked Jimmy out and hid the body so that they could steal his money from his house or businesses he ran and take it for themselves.

Jimmy was not a Made Man so it wouldnt be a big deal and killing people over money happens all the time, his crew could just refuse to say who did it and claim nobody knew, like so many other murders that never get solved in the criminal underworld, Tommy would probably step up to run things or Henry and they would just take over the crew and get the money, would be fitting if Jimmy got whacked by his own crew especially after he whacked one or two minor guys first and the rest knew they would be next and whacked him first.

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Watch this scene again:

To me it looks like Morrie is whacked because Jimmy was nervous of him talking. Not because Morrie was breaking his balls.

Jimmy didn't want anyone of his crew buying expensive things because that may tip off any feds or detectives watching them that they were involved with the Lufthansa heist.
You really can't blame him for being cautious. You can blame him though for murdering or ordering the murders of those involved for his own financial gain or because he was nervous of them ratting him out.

What it seems to me that you want is some type of fairness or justice in the criminal underworld the movie shows.
Your right that Jimmy was greedy and being unfair to others and that is just the way it goes in crimes with gangsters who have a leader.
Life is not always fair and this is no exception.
You could take comfort in the fact that the real life Jimmy died behind bars and not as a free man.

I agree that Jimmy was greedy but I don't see that as a justification for Paulie to order him whacked since he and other mobsters will get their cut so they won't want to kill Jimmy.

If someone goes up to Paulie and says, "What can you do about Jimmy not paying me my fair share." I think Paulie would say, "Not my problem. Work it out with Jimmy. Talk to him about it. Not me. I got more important things to do."

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Well i didnt mean that at all, i meant if someone in the crew whacked Jimmy who was not a Made Guy without asking for permission like Tommy did with Billy Batts, then Jimmy was dead and someone else started to run his crew and nobody said who killed him, they basically steal his share of the money from the heist and Paulie has to take it like Jimmy does when Tommy is killed.

That would be what i meant, Jimmy gets replaced by his own crew, they could blame it on his enemies in other mob families, Jimmy is now gone and someone else replaces him and takes over his crew, out of greed for money and lust for power, no asking for permission.

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Re: What happens if Jimmy's crew whacked him and took his money?

The Cicero Crew were not geniuses but they knew enough not to take out a good earner. Whacking Jimmy would invite all kinds of unwanted attention from Paulie on up. I doubt they could all get themselves to tell the same story in regards to Jimmy disappearing which would make Paulie suspicious. Mafia code is big in the movies but the real mafia is pragmatic when it comes to money and those who generate cash. That concept is front and center in Casino where another DeNiro character is made pretty much untouchable outside of the Midwest bosses.