Goodfellas : A few doubts

A few doubts

I liked this movie, still I missed a few things:

- Why did Karen call to Morris place after her neighbour touched her? How did she know Henry was there at that moment?

- How did the mafia know that was Tommy who killed their man? How did they know it with certainty? Once they killed Tommy -and since they were on the subject- why didn't they kill Henry and Jimmy?

Re: A few doubts

Regarding your 2nd point, according to the real story, Paulie gave up Tommy to the rival family b/c Tommy tried to rape Karen.

Re: A few doubts

Paulie gave up Tommy to the rival family b/c Tommy tried to rape Karen.

Thats what is being said but I dont buy it. I certainly think its possible because Tommy was a crazy bastard but I dont think thats what really happened. The only person who said that was Henry and he was known to be a pathological liar. He would just make stuff up at the drop of a hat. I think had that really happened, Henry would have said that initially (which he did not do).

The Gambinos thought it was Tommy because that was the most likely suspect. In reality this happened WAY later (not that evening)- it was months or even years later. They asked a few questions and all roads lead to Tommy. Did they have concrete evidence? No, probably not. But they didnt need it.

They didnt kill Jimmy because he was a kickass earner. And that allows you to break a few rules here and there within reason. I think Vario willingly gave up Tommy because he had to give up somebody, he couldnt give up Jimmy because Jimmy brought him money and nobody really liked Tommy that much.

I have doubts that Henry was even there or if he was, he definitely wasnt part of the killing (as was shown in the movie). I wouldnt be surprised if Henry wasnt there at all but was called in to help since it was his place the killing happened.