Goodfellas : Really nice dresses.

Really nice dresses.

Could Jimmy have made that anymore obvious?

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Excuse me, he said "beautiful Dior dresses"..... Maybe he was closeted and just wanted Karen to have the best.... Did you ever think of that???? Or maybe, Jimmy considered becoming a fashion designer and wanted Karen's advice???? lmfao

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I'm sorry, but you think Jimmy was obvious in that scene and not when he's asking Henry to go whack a guy? "that way they got nothing" I mean, Henry is supposed to be wise to what Jimmy's intentions are, but I think Jimmy came off as too obvious

Why is your cousin such a wet sandwich?

Re: Really nice dresses.

So what would happen if Karen walked into that store that Jimmy send her two with the two guys in it? Would she really be killed or was she just paranoid? Why would Jimmy whack her in broad daylight? That part I never understood.