Cinderella Man : My HOOD


I went to the same church and Catholic grammer scholl-St.Joseph of the Palisades as James J.Braddock.
Our County park is named after him-in the shadow of the NY Skyline off Boulevard East in No.Bergen N.J.-James J.Braddock Park-
The parks proximity to the coastline makes it a awesome rest spot for migratory coastal birds.A well stocked lake for liccensed catch and release fishing,Tennis courts maintained at professional standards.The park earns the mand name. Unfortunately,ask anyone who is in the park who Braddock was and 9 out of 10 couldnt tell you.
Most residents refer to it as Hudson County Park or Park 80-in reference to the street the park begins at.
More noise is needed to have a plaque,bust or any likeness of the man with his history and dedication to his craft.
The area is still mostly working class first generation Americans trying to get ahead-the same as Braddock