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Old Fighter

With all the talk about how Jim Braddock was old when he fought Baer, he had turned 30 a few days before the fight. This made him younger at the time than eight of the top ten heavyweights in modern boxing.

Wlad Klitschko is 35 and his brother Vitali is 41. Only Robert Helenius (28) and Tyson Fury (24) are under 30.

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It wasn't that he was old it was that after a promising beginning to his career he was washed up.

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Everyone was 10-15yrs older than they were then..its true,the quality of life we have now is much better.I look at pictures of my grandparents from the 1930's snd they as well as all around them look as if they were in their 50's-60's when it was actually more like 20's-30's
Thats why Braddock was considered done-not msny lived past 60 then

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Not to mention boxing was a much tougher sport back thenon the fighters I mean. The gloves weren't as padded, not nearly as many regulations, 15-round fights, and boxers fought more bouts in 6 months than some modern fighters do in a year or more. That combined with better understanding of nutrition, diet, and training, plus the fact that injuries can be better treated now, it makes sense that today's boxers can keep fighting older. Some boxers even smoked back in the day. Unthinkable for a fighter today. But you can do that when you're 23 and in good shape. At 30it catches up to you.

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In those days it was not uncommon at all for guys to fight 15 times a year.

Now, six fights a year is considered a furious pace.


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