Cinderella Man : Was the real-life fight as dramatic?

Was the real-life fight as dramatic?

Just wondering.

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There were three differences in the real fight, only two of which matter.

1. (This doesn't matter.) In the real fight, Max Baer's Star of David was bright as a neon sign on his dark trunks. You couldn't miss it. The movie hides this.

2. In the real fight, both fighters slowed down, as is inevitable in a 15 round fight. In the movie it was all Hollywood, with both fighters whaling away and connecting full power to the end. Personally I would regard the real fight as more dramatic. Fatigue could be a valid enemy, just like poverty and hunger were made real enemies earlier in the film. But it depends what works for you, and I guess most people prefer the "full power to the end" style of fighting.

3. (And this is the one that burns me.) At the end, when he was told to stay away from Max's dangerous right hand in order to safely win the title, that's exactly what Braddock did. In the film he was stupid and macho, trading blow for blow for no benefit, Hollywood style. In a superficial sense that's more "dramatic". But for me it kills the whole point of the fight and the movie: Braddock is fighting for his family, not for ego. As he said, he knows what he's fighting for: "Milk." I think it would be much, much more dramatic to show that he was putting family first in the ring and not giving the audience a "show". Again, your mileage may vary, but I give this movie an 8 out of 10, but if they had shown the truth, with Braddock staying out of the way at the end, remembering to feed his kids and not take any dumb chances with his wife so worried, I would have given this movie a 9 or even a 10.

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Thanks, DB. I figured the movie fabricated things that didn't happen in the real-life fight for dramatic effect, as have other movies based on real historical events. I asked this because, after seeing this movie, I watched a YouTube post of what was purported to be the real-life Baer-Braddock fight and it just didn't look the way it was portrayed in the movie. Still a good movie in my opinion though.

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Baer threw no low blows or backhands which are depicted in the movie. There also wasn't any playing possum against the ropes by Braddock so that when Baer moved in to deliver his killer right hand punch, Braddock could spin away and counterpunch.

Both fighters were tired by the last round, but stood toe to toe trading punches. Baer landed solid right and left hand punches to Braddock's head during the 15th, which could have knocked Braddock out, but didn't.

All and all, a good fight but not a spectacular one. Braddock just threw more jabs and over the top rights to win that and be able to take the punishment from Baer, who ended up with two broken bones in his right hand and a chip fracture in his left.

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the real fight's video is available on you tube..find out yourself

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heres the link..

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Fom what I had read the real fight was a joke. Baer didn't train at all because he didn't feel that Braddock had any chance to beat him. Baer had put on a few pounds because of this. I read somewhere that there were maybe 10 good punches thrown throughout the entire fight, and that Baer pretty much admitted that Braddock deserved the title because he put so little effort into the fight and training.

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No. The real fight was indeed super-lame:

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