Cinderella Man : Baer traumatized by Campbell's death?

Baer traumatized by Campbell's death?

I don't think so. Read this contemporaneous newspaper account how Baer became the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World:

Baer was a serious jerk.

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What, just because Max Baer beat the hell out of a lesser skilled Carnera he's a jerk? The taunting, maybe. But if you knew anything about Baer you would certainly know that he was a showman. He later became an actor. The people wanted to see Baer put down Carnera and he gave them what they wanted. I've read books that talk about Max Baer, he sat at Campbell's bedside in the hospital and when he found out that Campbell had died he broke down and cried uncontrollably. He was a very good man, he had a heart. He was not a cold blooded killer.

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My remarks from the "Re: did Baer really kill 2 other boxers in fights?" thread, shown below, give context to the original post:

Campbell was definitely killed by Baer in the ring.

During the 2nd round, Campbell half punched/shoved Baer to the canvas, and the referee waved Campbell to a neutral corner so Baer could be given a count. But, Baer didn't take the count, rushed over to the neutral corner, and while Campbell was looking ringside, landed a devastating cheap shot to Campbell's head. It was a clear and intentional foul nearly as sickening as the one in Million Dollar Baby.

Perhaps worse, was the brutal salvo of punches Baer unleashed against Campbell's unprotected jaw during the 5th round, when Campbell was knocked senseless, in a corner, and unable to fall down because of the ropes.

Baer was arrested for manslaughter and a grand jury was convened to investigate Campbell's death. Manslaughter charges were dismissed, but the jury excoriated Baer " for unsportsmanlike conduct combined with a viciousness with which he boasted."

The California State Athletic Commission placed Baer on suspension for one year. There was one exclusion Baer could fight in a benefit match to raise money for Campbell's widow and son. The fight raised $15,000 which was donated entirely to Campbell's family.

It's been said that Baer was deeply traumatized and forever haunted by Campbell's death. Maybe, but it would have been better if he hadn't so savagely beaten Campbell to death in the first place.

Some quotes from the newspaper account I posted a link to in my original post follow:

"No man [Baer] has ever tried so deliberately to make a fool of another before an audience "

"Throughout the contest Baer laughed and taunted his rival, whom he knocked down ten times"

"He could, in fact, have knocked Carnera out at any moment from the first round"

"He followed up with an attack to the body and one smashing right to Carnera's nose that caused it to bleed. Baer landed another terrific right hook and was roaring with laughter"

"Baer was absurdly arrogant. He danced a jig in order to annoy Carnera, who made horrible grimaces which he supplemented with something more solid. He [Baer] was booed however, for using the back of his hand"

The Carnera fight was less than four years after the fight when Baer killed a man in the ring, was excoriated by a grand jury for unsportsmanlike conduct, and was supposedly "deeply traumatized and forever haunted" by Frankie Campbell's death. Well, from the contemporaneous newspaper account, he sure don't act like it.

Many people refuse to believe that Baer could be a jerk, a dirty fighter, and a man-killer in the ring which is what he was when he fought Jim Braddock. But, as boxing historian Mike DeLisa has said, Baer seems to have turned it all around after he married his second wife, Mary Ellen Sullivan in 1935, and became the warm, zany, kind-hearted Max Baer we remember today.

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Haven't found anything about the referee waving Campbell to a neutral corner.

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