Source Code : To the people who say "It should've ended at the frozen kiss scene"

To the people who say "It should've ended at the frozen kiss scene"

You realise the plot doesn't work without the confirmation of alternate realities? Otherwise, Colter would not have been able to do stuff that Sean didn't do.

It's not about having a "happy Hollywood ending". The revelation is what ties the plot together.

That was the clever twist: the creators of the source code not knowing they were creating alternate realities and just assume the subject is reliving the same reality.

I saw this movie for the first time today and am surprised how few people understood this.

Re: To the people who say 'It should've ended at the frozen kiss scene'

What the scientists actually believe is happening is poorly established. Why do they dismiss the parallel theory so quickly while freely engaging in another idea that is even less believable?

Re: To the people who say "It should've ended at the frozen kiss scene"

That was a major plothole that ruined the movie.
Colter physically exists in the same universe / time as Goodwin and others. He is connected to a computer that simulates a world based on some parameters (the last 8 minutes of the deceased guy's memory) and translates that information in a format that Colter can comprehend. If Colter is separated from the computer, or if the computer is shot down, Colter cannot explore the simulated world.
Even if the computer didn't simulate a world, but instead bridged to a parallel universe, and Colter magically found a way to pass his conscience from the universe he exists physically to the other universe (which already is a very weak and lazy explanation), he would need to replace the computer and decode the information by itself to a format he could understand. If you don't get it: there are no geometric figures or music in the PC, but strings of data. Some graphical and io libraries are needed in order to understand what the computer is "saying". We know for sure that people in the movies cannot percieve other dimensions and, if their explanation is really that the computer bridged to other universe, then the whole reason Colter is able to percieve the other universe is because the computer translates it to him, to a format he can understand.

The core idea is good, but they didn't work too much on it. The movie could have been a lot better if they said that the guy Colter controls was the best option because he was the least damaged, or compatible with Colter (or any other reason) and the "whole picture" represents fragments of what they could retrive from a bunch of people. Of course, this way he couldn't find the bomb, or the vehicle so easily and the movie would have actually been interesting because he had to put the pieces together. Or he could have controlled one person at a time, gather information from each one's perspective and assemble the whole picture.
Another thing: why did they even need Colter?

How I took the ending: at the freeze kiss Colter died. What we see afterwards happened in his imagination. It was a necessary scene because it put a closure to protagonists' story, but it wasn't very well done*.

*read Mircea Eliade's novel, "With the gypsy girls" - that's how you do such a scene.