Source Code : Question about the ending (SPOILERS)

Question about the ending (SPOILERS)

In the end Colter goes into yet another reality, stops both tragedies and continues to live as Sean Fentress, while his body clinically dies in the original reality.

If Goodwin hadn't terminated his life at the end of the 8 minute mark, his mind would return to the original reality.

In that case, what would happen in the new reality? Would Sean Fentress go into coma soon after the time freeze? I ask this because Sean Fentress has no mind of his own. It has been swapped with Steven's mind in every reality accessed by the source code.

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That's a good question. In my understanding, it depends whether the neurons and synapses that made Steven in Sean's brain are reversible to their 'original' state; bringing the real Sean back. The other aspect - probably more important - is that the source code only lets you "relive" the last 8 min, so it could be that if Steven's body wasn't terminated, but instead brought back as it normally would, Sean simply becomes brain dead. There is no Sean in the universes where Steven enters his brain.
I'm obviously just making this up, the writer of this movie might have something completely different in mind.

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it depends whether the neurons and synapses that made Steven in Sean's brain are reversible to their 'original' state; bringing the real Sean back.

Fair enough. If you notice, Capt. Stevens doesn't create a scene or involve anyone in this final adventure. He made it appear as if the terrorist had confessed voluntarily and handcuffed himself. So, I guess Sean can go on with his life as if nothing happened.

The writers don't give any scope to Sean. He dies in all the realities and ceases to exist in the final one.

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Tricky one. In the final scenes a new reality has been created where Stevens is able to communicate with the Source code project.

So the Source code project he sends the message to cannot by definition be the same as the one that started the film as their objective - to find the bomber - is no longer required.

This fits in with the message from Stevens that the Source code creates a whole new World.

Ok so in this new World poor Sean no longer exists except in body. In the other reality he is killed in the train explosion - so on the face of it it looks like he drew the short straw.

Well his electric and chemical messages must have gone somewhere due to the laws of conservation of energy.

I can only think that they ended up in Steven's body otherwise there would be an in balance between the realities (or multiverses if you like).

Remember that in the new reality in the Source code project Steven's isn't seen as being awake so we don't know who inhabits his brain.

So in reality one the train explodes - Sean is killed and Stevens dies when his life support is switched off.

In reality two Steven's thoughts are alive and well in Sean's body so I guess Seans' thoughts must be in Steven's body.

Now before my brain explodes I'm going to have to supper. Please feel free to totally disagree as I am interested in other people's ideas. Thanks.

Ps I really like this film as it has warmth.

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Just want to point one thing out: In the original reality the train blows up. The only thing prevented was the dirty bomb detonation.

In the new reality where the captain inhabits Sean's body and ends up with Cristina, the train explosion and dirty bomb were prevented.

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That's literally why a lot of people thought the movie had the perfect ending at the freeze frame.

But that would have been a downer ending and I guess the executives didn't want that.

So what you get is a very scary thought that someone (rich/powerful/about to die) can suddenly possess your body using this machine from another reality and wipe you out of existence (what you are is just a collection of your memories that made you who you are).

Like what is Jake's character going to do now? He's not himself, he's in another guy's body, that guy's a teacher at some school, is he going to go be a teacher? How is he going to make a living? Better end the movie before those questions come up.