The Lives of Others : what happened to Grubitz?

what happened to Grubitz?

Grubitz just pain disappears from the film after his admonition to Wiesler (“zwanzig Jahren”). I think it would have been interesting to see what became of him in the new Germany after the fall of the Wall. We do get to see the culture minister, in that great scene at the theatre where he is confronted by Dreyman. Despite his sadness, he seems to be doing well in the unified Germany, and this is a nice touch.

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He's hunting dissident artists to this day.

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Maybe Minister Bruno Hempf put him up against a wall like he threatened.

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I was wondering the same thing!

I wonder what happened to the real life Stasi agents? The low-level functionaries probably got integrated into regular life easily enough, as did the Hempfs, but the middle level guys who were too entrenched to fit in to regular life but not quite high enough to get protected must have had it tough. Not that I'm feeling all that sorry for them...

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Maybe you will find this interesting:

Dziga Vertov:
I am the machine that reveals the world to you, as only I alone am able to see it

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I did.

Hard to believe he's been eight years gone.

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Men like Grubitz probably had only a few possibilities after the wall came down. In certain cases the higher-ups of Stasi for an example had been allocating less than reputable funds into private accounts for their retirement.

Some former stasi also went to work for Russian state-owned oil companies probably because of their connections to former soviet intelligence agencies.

In my honest opinion characters like this Grubitz are right up there with the people who were sentenced in the Nuremberg trials. The despicable acts these Stasi leaders and the entire state apparatus for internal security was responsible of is utterly unfathomable.


The future ain't what it used to be.

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Maybe working for Putin or The Donald.