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the first thing I noticed was that Rhoda2 looked very seccessful nice hair well dressed and that made me think she had taken a different path the Rhonda1. JMO

"I will have to read a couple of blogs before I can form my opinion on that"

Ridiculous? I beg to differ.

Well, I never said I thought the movie was bad. I said I didn't like it.

Also, movies are personal veiwing experiences prone to arbitrary conclusions from the viewer.

I decided I didn't like the movie based on the conclusions I myself have chosen which in turn was based on what was IN the actual movie - not on what I thought would happen next. To say that is ridiculous is to say that a movie viewing experience itself is ridiculous.

The film had a purposely open ended ambiguous ending so that we, the viewer, are left up to our own interpretations as to what happens next.

For me, that's what makes a movie viewing experience enjoyable even if I didn't like the overall movie itself.

Personally, I thought there was no proof that John1's family was still alive or if John2 was still alive. And if John2 and family was still alive what was John1 going to do? You and I have different opinions on what would happen next and that's ok

However, to dimiss my movie viewing experience and the conclusions therein as ridiculous is pompous at best and arrogant at worst.

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I loved the end because it let us all think and interpretate what happened the way we want. When I first watched it i thought that nothing had changed. I thought that when John got to Earth 2 he saw that his family had died there as well and Rhoda 2 came to Earth 1 because of the same things. I think Earth 2 was just some kind of peculiar mistake of the Universe that kind of created this "mirror". I know it sound sad but it is my opinion. And that's the good thing about this film, we will never know. So, of course the end was not obvious.

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This could have been a good movie if they approached it as a straight forward Bergman-esque drama exploring themes of love, loss, redemption, and forgiveness. >>


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John arrive earth 2 to find his family alive, and give his "return to earth 1" ticket to Rhoda 2. Atleast thats what both me and my wife instantly thought when we saw it yesterday. Good movie btw. by tokratez

Interesting theory but this wouldn't have been possible in only 4 Months.
The time shown when Rhoda sees her mirror-self.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

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Considering the syncronicity was broken, it is possible that Rhoda2 killed John2 in the accident instead of his family, unlike on Earth1. That's why she wins the essay contest on Earth2 as well. I think that wraps the whole story up quite nicely.

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^this^ answers everything. miao84 hit the nail on the head and the "proof", or support or whatever, is right in the beginning of the film.

The scene with the car wreck shows BOTH Rhodas. It also shows two different outcomes to the crash(es). This is in the first few minutes of the film, so it's easy to double-check. Watch it carefully:

Right after the collision, you see her get out of her car and approach the other wreck- she is wearing a SCARF, looks into the car and sees the family dead and the man in the driver's seat bleeding. She looks up, AND THEN…. You see her again by her car, NOW without a scarf, and she walks over again. THEN she's standing over the covered corpse of a man laying face down on the sidewalk.

The accident happened on both Earths. In one, the family died, in the other, the father. Both Rhodas go to prison for 4 years, write the essay and win.

…On the point about "a return trip"…. well, on a near duplicate Earth I'm sure they'd have the means. And part of the point in exploration is, well, to return and report the findings, so I'm sure there was some plan to return the travelers eventually. I mean, it's not like they're going there to colonize the place.

Can YOU survive?">

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Raylathotep, you're going far to deep into this man, it was a continuity error so calm down.

hamrick_dl984, EVICTED from the car? loool, i think you mean ejected! you made it sound like the little boy hadnt been paying his car payment bills and the landlord kicked him out of his car accommodation!! pmsl

the kid / kids seat was strapped in with a seatbelt anyway, so its pretty unlikely that he would have been thrown outa the windscreen to begin with. Plus, if this movie gives you 'nose bleeds' try not to watch and figure out LOST.

You die in the end!

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As in Chris Hamrick aka Confederate Currency, an American ECW professional wrestler? The surname's origins of which come from my neighbouring country Ireland. so Im pretty sure he/she's not German, but if they are then I do apologise.

You die in the end!

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Clever saying Celtic after I just wrote Ireland, nice touch. Plus you said suffix when I think you meant abbreviation, we'll come to suffix's later on…

Don't mean to drag this out but it is a very interesting conversation. Its a slow day at work so I though I would do so some research (i'm a market researcher, being inquisitive is in my nature).

Hamrick is derived from the German Hammerich. The Hammerich's brought the name along with them when they conquered England, Wales and Ireland in 1066. A living German using a surname spelt Hamrick is not only uncommon, its insulting. German's have never used a hard 'K' at the suffix when spelling a word (ie; never used 'ick' at the end of a word).
There is an -IK pronunciation variant in South Germany (ie Knig becomes Knik) but it is never spelt ending with the letter K or ICK, hence why you see ICH suffix spellings in many words like Munich, Heimlich, Reich etc. The first Hamrick to settle in North American was Patrick Hamrick in the 18th Century from the North East of Ireland, now here's where it gets interesting…

German's call Germany 'Deutschland' and use the country code of DE (which you obviously know), but it is only referred to as DL by one place, WMO. The World Meteorological Organization(!) specialise in weather and climate sciences; so unless Hamrick_dl984 is a German meteorologist who is very, VERY fond of his work, I think maybe no. A German citizen using DL for Deutschland is very uncommon, its the equivalent of an Englishman calling England 'EL', which I can assure you will pretty much never happen.

In the North East of Ireland, 'DL' could refer to DubLin, which I doubt.
A district in Northern Ireland is controversially called Derry/Londonderry - could be that, but again I doubt it.
But get ready, I like this one.. there is a popular industrial town called Drogheda in Louth, and its telephone area code is 984!
The best part is, I didn't even have to look this one up, as I do business with a guy called Ed Hamrick in Drogheda with the primary telephone number of 984.

Now I'm not saying this IMDB user has to be from Drogheda with a telephone number of 984 (they could just be from Delaware born in 1984), and I'm not saying their name has anything to do with an American wrestler whose ancestors emigrated from Ireland. However, as I didn't ridicule Hamrick from using one correctly spelt, but mistakenly chosen word (as you will find I did apologise), I think you may just have accused and insulated a native English speaker of not being able to speak or understand English properly.

I for one would love to hear the thoughts of Hamrick_dl984, if we havn't scared him/her away already, because I am honestly interested!

You die in the end!

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Clever saying Celtic after I just wrote Ireland, nice touch

Oh so you're the only person with Mick blood on the entire site now?


I happened to know the origins of that name off the top of my head - not which County it's from but that it's a name from both places - and the SUFFIX of the name which includes the two letters and the numbers did seem to indicate Germanic origins, which is why I didn't mention the Celtic roots as well in my first post here. Wow, thinking, what a concept.

I for one would love to hear the thoughts of XXXXX, if we havn't scared him/her away already, because I am honestly interested!

Too late, you did already.

I got a PM from that poster so I removed those posts - it was a typo after all, but you still are trolling and/or being a douche.

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If you don't mind, I'm going to grab the wheel and try to pull this puppy back on topic.

The only thing we know for sure at the end is that Rhoda(E1) will find out from Rhoda(E2) if the same thing happened on E2. I think that is why she had a look of dread on her face when she saw Rhoda(E2).

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I think Raylathotep is onto something here.

Aside from the scarf disappearing, in some car crash frames Rhoda has blood dripping out of her nose and in other frames she has blood dripping down her chin.

I don't think the crew would be so lazy and oblivious to make multiple continuity errors in a drama about mirroring worlds.

I bet there's a lot more of these little "lapses in continuity" throughout the rest of the film that nobody has picked up on. I'm too lazy to go back and check myself.

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What an astute observation! I went back and watched the accident scene…You're right! It is very subtle and I never would have noticed the white scarf change if you hadn't mentioned it.

I also saw that the blood on her nose and chin seemed to change as well.

It's possible that it was a wardrobe and makeup error but I doubt it! Especially with the scarf!

It does fit in with the Earth1/Earth2 explanation that I had already decided upon for the movie.

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I agree with you.

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I just watched this movie last night and I think you're right khurambashir, "They might be alive."

It's clear the filmmakers didn't want it wrapped up in a neat little ending. My impression was the sci-fi aspect was only a unique way to tell a story of redemption.

The film is much more a story about Rhoda's attempt to find forgiveness (both from John and herself) and redemption for the consequences of her poor decision, as well as John's attempt to find hope in a life deeply affected by his loss.

Rhoda believes she will find her forgiveness/redemption somehow in knocking on John's door and apologizing face-to-face, but life isn't that simple or easy. She believes she will find it if she 'works it off' by cleaning his place and refuse to take any financial gain from it. She believes she will find it in making him feel cared about and loved. But her forgiveness and redemption only comes when she is honest about who she is, suffers the loss of relationship with someone she has deep feelings for, AND ultimately makes the personal sacrifice only out of love and concern for another, not for herself.

John has no hope following his loss. He reluctantly accepts some practical help, then allows himself to be affected by Rhoda's caring ways and his heart finds the ability to love again. In the end it is 'hope' that re-enters his life. It's really secondary whether the sci-fi plot has or has not allowed for his family to survive (and for all the discussion about plot holes, if you wanted to focus on anything it could be that there is communication established with Earth2 and you could assume there would be knowledge available and provided about each of the counterparts that were on the travel mission – thus John could have or would have known if his counterpart, wife and kids were alive.)

But the story is ultimately about the choices, mistakes and regrets we all have in life. It's how we are able to find a way to forgive ourselves and a path towards redemption or hope.

I do like how the sci-fi aspect uses the 'mirror' terminology, as if to relate it to how we can sometimes walk through life and see ourselves in mirrors or other reflective surfaces but not see who we really are until something jars our reality in some way….then what we see in the mirror is often quite different and life doesn't just keep going the same way.

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<< then allows himself to be affected by Rhoda's caring ways >> and amazing hotness, wich without none of this would have worked out, lets say, for example, that Rhonda would have been portrayed by Arnold's mexicana maid instead of by impossibly beautiful Brit Marling. John's heart would most definetely have skipped the precious ability to love again.

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At first, the ending seemed random and disappointing: why does Rhoda meet herself? After thinking it over, I actually think it's brilliant. For what it's worth, here's my take.

Earth II is not an identical world, it's a mirror image. This is supported by the conversation of the SETI director with "herself." - They weren't saying the same sentences, they were giving complementary remarks, completing each other's thoughts.

On Earth II, Rhoda desperately wants to visit Earth I, enters and wins the contest. However, John's family is not dead, she does not have the same relationship with him and does not give him the ticket on Space Ventures.

Instead Rhoda II comes to Earth I and meets Rhoda I. The symmetry is broken. Had there been exact symmetry, John II would have landed on Earth I and met Rhoda I.

From this, I conclude that John I is reunited with his family on Earth II. Presumably, John II was killed in the car accident so there is a joyful reunion of family II with John I on Earth II.

This is supported by the fact that, when Rhoda II arrives on Earth I, she is dressed as a cleaning woman, implying that her promising MIT prospects were thwarted, as on Earth I, and she had been to prison and was working as a cleaning woman on Earth II.


PS, this leaves room for a sequel: the continuing life of Rhoda I and II (exact copies, don't forget) on Earth I.

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I believe that since the earths mirrored each other, everything happening was opposide, which means in the Earth 2 John died and the rest of the family survived. That would explain why Rhoda2 won the contest, she two was a felon but she experienced the guilt and facing her "victims" differently, since a family losing their husband and father may suffer but it's a different pain. Rhoda 2 would also not have met him so she decided to see what happened in Earth1. My guess is that Rhoda2 figured out the same thing that Rhoda1 did. I think she figured out that in the other Earh John would have survived, and knowing herself she would also know Rhoda1, and she would know that Rhoda1 gave John the opportunity to go to Earth2 to meet his family. She knew she was going to meet another version of herself.

All in all, it's absolutely a fascinating film, and a fascinating ending.

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– spoilers –

To me (at least) the ending is kind of obvious. The ONLY difference between the two mirrors is that in one of the mirrors Rhoda didn't hear the theory about the mirrored worlds diverging. Families dead in both worlds so Rhoda still writes the same essay. John doesn't go on the mission in one mirror because Rhoda never heard about the theory of divergence.

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I don't think Earth 2 is a mirror image of Earth 1. The two planets are identical. There's no change in the handedness. Their left is our left. Their right is our right. Until we discover each other, the sky would look the same on both planets. Once we came within visual range, then it changes. Earth 1 is not orientated the same way relative to Earth 2 as Earth 2 to Earth 1. People on Earth 2 would not find Earth 1 in the night sky at the same place where Earth 2 appear to people on Earth 1. That's what breaks the synchronicity. As the guy on TV said, we looked one way and they looked another and everything changes. I think the movie does sort of imply that Rhoda on Earth 2 was either staring at Earth 1 out a different window of her car on that fateful night or wasn't even in position to see Earth 1 at all.

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ending=both she and her mirror earth self have won the contest under different circumstances.

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Something that might sound a bit ridiculous, and I might be reading to much in to this, but have you looked at what Rhoda 2 is wearing? Her hair etc. She looks to me, to be quite successful, perhaps even well off. I think the film makers are trying to make it obviously for us, that on earth 2, she didn't kill the family, but she still won the competition.

I Sympathise with Lars Von Trier.

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My optimistic view of the ending:

Earth 1 -> Rhoda kills John's family. Goes to jail. Writes the essay. Wins the contest. Apologizes to John. *John falls in love with her*. She gives ticket to John.

Earth 2 -> Rhoda kills *John*. Goes to jail. Write the essay. Wins the contents. Apologizes to John's wife. Keeps the ticket.

Happy ending.

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By seeing her mirror-self, it suggests they she MAY or MAY NOT have had the accident.
However it raises the question that; She only won the competition because of her unique story. Which could not have been written, had she NOT had the accident.
We do know that Rhoda was fascinated with space since she was a young girl and probably would have entered the competition regardless.
But the chances of her winning WITHOUT the tragic back-story would have been virtually zero.
So in my humble opinion… The accident DID happen on Earth 2 as well.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

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For me, the ending is not obvious. The reason I don't believe in the two Earth story is because of the ending.

If Rhoda 2 came from the other Earth, that would mean:

* She brought or bought new Earth clothes before visiting Rhoda on Earth 1.
* There was no news story about the rocket from the other Earth landing, or at least no news story about who the passengers were on that rocket.
* The other Rhoda came to Rhoda's house without any escort from the government, NASA, or the media? It's like, I want to surprise my other self, so please let me visit her on my own?
* The premise is somehow John was the other passenger, as if since she won the essay and the right to be the passenger on the rocket to the other Earth, she could simply say "I don't feel like going, so please give me spot to John."

Anyway, so to me, the story is about redemption… So the ending is supposed to represent something about redemption. Unfortunately, since it is open-ended, it's kind of hard to figure out what it is supposed to mean. It seems she has improved her mental well-being toward the end of the movie… She was smiling while walking home… so what is the sudden shock of meeting oneself supposed to mean?

Ah, I just had a thought. It seems she got better at tne end and that perhaps she has finally forgiven herself. Now, the presentation of her other self (which people have pointed out is a better groomed version of her recent self) is to represent that she's ready to move on to the next stage of her life.

I mean, since the movie was about redemption, rightfully or wrongfully, she lived with a lot of guilt. At some point, you have to say "Move on." Feeling guilty doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't help bring back the dead. It doesn't help to undo what is already done. So you might has well try to do the best thing you can do from this point on.

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I know the movie suggests they are alive because both world have different travellers in the end.
Yet we can assume after millions of years of evolution of life on both planets being synchronized to the smallest detail, it's most likely the accident would have happened exactly the same on Earth 2.
I do understand the underlying message of the movie though.
First you have to become "aware" of yourself to start "changing" yourself.
Relax! -">

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Great movie, enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts. I can't believe anyone would think the ending is obvious, it is quite open ended. The fact that the earths diverged before the accident makes it quite unlikely that Rhoda won the contest on both earths. I've only seen the movie once, so I don't know how long the journey from earth to earth took. However, my assumption of the ending was that John either took Rhoda2 back or she went back in his place so that he could be with family2. Art is subjective, so no one is really wrong.

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As the perfect mirror image shatters right before the accident (as Rhoda look up and sees Earth 2), it is up to chance what happens afterward in Earth 2, because the mirror image is broken. There is no longer symmetry. The paths of Earth 1 and 2 diverge.

Therefore you could argue both for and against whether or not John's family lives.

I'm having a good day: They're probably alive.


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I love this movie and love that they left the ending open to interpretation. I don't think the ending is obvious at all, it is quite ambigeous and all the different opinions on it, confirms that.

For me there are two possible endings and I constantly fluxuate between the two.

One - Rhoda2 never had the accident, went to MIT and actually went to Earth1 as part of the science team. She also met John1 who told her about Rhoda1 and her guilt. Why do everybody assume that Rhoda2 also won the contest?

Two - John2 died instead of his family in the crash, and John1 rejoins he family and gave his return ticket to Rhoda2, perhaps so that she may also find redemption as Rhoda1 did.

Hmm, I can't choose between the two. I think John's family is alive on Earth2, but whether John2 is alive, well that is another matter. Besides, if both Johns are alive, how will that effect their future?

Damn I love movies that make you think afterwards! :)

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lmao great post, the last bit about them being alive then dead before was great.

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I think the director planned it so that Earth 2 Rhonda didn't kill John's family.

Her reasons for winning the contest had nothing to do with her life and going to prison, it was just some garbage history. So both Rhonda's could have won.

There's a bit of a hole in that Earth 1 Rhonda had a reason to enter, but why did Earth 2 Rhonda enter? Surely she'd have moved ahead in life, got a family herself perhaps, a career.

I think it's telling that Earth 2 Rhonda has her hair done, isn't dressed like a bum… she's had a better life.

At first, I thought both Rhonda's killed John's family, and the only difference was John didn't accept the ticket. However if that's the way the story was to go then Rhonda 2 would never have left Earth 2 and John forgave her. If that's what was intended by the director for the conclusion for this story, it would have been obvious, as that would be the main point of the film - forgiveness.

So the only other theory is she just decided not to leave him the ticket. But if they were in such synchrony over the four years, why would that detail change? There was nothing to suggest it did.

Nope, they went out of synchrony right from the start and Earth 2 had no car accident. And I think that's pretty obvious.

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My thought is that Rohda didn't kill the family (most likely killed only John (like they've already said here), but that's open for discussion), and Rohda2 coming to Earth 1 means that John stayed there and gave Rohda2 his place on the ship. That would explain the 4 month period a bit better than that in earth 2 they took 4 more months to do the same trip.
Great movie BTW.

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I think maybe the accident didnt happen at all on Earth 2 and when John got there and met with his other version of him and his family they probably went to meet Rhoda on Earth 2 and earth 1 John explained what happened on earth one and sent her to meet earth 1 Rhoda to talk to her about how things worked out on earth 2 for everyone. I loved the movie but really wish they showed at least 1 conversation between the Rhodas

All Hail me the king of all losers! Or don't I give up easy

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I tend to agree that its unlikely the accident happened on Earth 2. Rhoda 2 has pretty clearly not gone to jail as she's made to look very well put together. Without the crash, she would still get on the flight. She was chosen not because she went to jail but because she had a mix of qualities that meant her life would be an all-or-nothing affair. And by not crashing she never met John 2.

This does beg the question of what John 1 gets out of all this though. He gets to see his family with a happier version of himself and…not much else. Perhaps he takes solace that they are still out there and heads back to Earth 1 to reunite with Rhoda.

My big question relates to Earth 2 itself. It clearly does get closer as the movie progresses but the idea that it wasn't real makes no sense. If it wasn't, none of the other characters would acknowledge it. I suspect that, given the issue of synchronicity being brought up a fair bit, that the nearing of Earth 2 was due to the two slowly merging back. As time passed and John 1 and Rhoda 1's relationship developed, the Earths came closer to being made singular again. The damage of that car crash essentially was being healed. There's an air of destiny about this conclusion which the movie itself shares so I prefer it myself.

Howeever, as it got nearer to the end, I half-expected the landing on Earth 2 (and a corresponding landing on Earth 1) to trigger the two Earths to recombine. I expected Rhoda to find herself driving again, undistracted by anything in the sky. Something along the lines of the Donnie Darko "tangent universe" where the universe splits and seeks to right itself. I was happy that wasn't the case and given how conscious the director was about the visibility of Earth 2, I don't take the cloudy day to be without purpose. Without a second Earth in the sky, looming ever closer, it implied to me that things were undecided from here on out. That meeting oneself meant anything could happen and that both Rhodas and Johns (as well as both Earths) were free to be whatever they chose.

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Hi Guys,

I love the way everyones glass is half full whilst looking for meaning at the end of this film.

I love films that make you think at the end, especially when they bring out conflicting opinions about the 'meaning'. I also expected the landings to trigger the earth's to recombine and Rhoda to find herself back at the accident with no Earth2 to distract her. But hey, ho.. If that happened we'd all be moaning about how predictable the ending was..

So here's my theory.

The accident happened on both earths exactly the same way, Rhoda did her time on both earths and wrote her essay on both earth's the same.. The difference was, when she knocked on John's door, Rhoda2 didn't bottle it and told John2, who she was and said her piece.. Maybem her forgave her, maybe not.. But no relationship blossomed and Rhoda kept her ticket.

When John1 arrived on Earth2 he didn't find his family, he found himself, still alone.. And to make matters worse he had left Rhoda, who had begun to love behind. And her doppleganger was also gone.. So now he's all alone.

Right at the end, both Rhodas' faces seem to tell a story.. Rhoda1's is saying, I know you only have bad news for me.. And Rhoda"'s is saying.. Yep.. Bad news..

I think Rhoda2 looks more sorted because she said her peice and moved on whilst Rhoda1 never moved on from the accident

That's my opinion anyway.. Feel free to disagree… lol

Re: The ending is obvious…

I think it's meant to be ambiguous but the only way it really makes any sense is for both Rhodas to have had the accident. The idea that Earth 2 Rhoda somehow qualified for the trip without having the compelling story of being an ex-con seems extra unbelievable. The symmetry of the two planets, at least for the Rhodas, ended when Earth 2 Rhoda decided to take the trip herself. Instead of 'Another Earth' they should have just called it 'Sucks To Be That Guy'.

Re: The ending is obvious…

I like the first idea that i found in google. I think I haven't read it here yet:

Maybe Rhoda2 didn't won the ticket. Maybe without accident he studied something realated to space and she earnt the place by her merits or was hired or invited or something. Remember she was interested in space from the begining. Remember her room full of planets.


So we know what happened on earth 1. I like to think rhoda2 comming to earth 1 just shows us the broken mirror theory was right. The man met, found or saw his family, and about rhoda 2 it explained in the previous paragraph.


Re: The ending is obvious…

The obvious conclusion would of course have been a mid-space collision of two space shuttles, or perhaps the Earth 2 John Burroughs coming to meet her, but since the synchronicity was broken, I guess a twistier ending was in order. Were we the earth 2? Was the alien earth the one in the movie? It makes sense. Flava Flav has a career in that earth.

I wanted to see Rhoda land on Earth 2 to find a parallel earth but all the people are duck billed marionettes. HI, RHODA, I'M JUST LIKE YOU the earth 2 Rhoda marionette would scream into her ear.

Re: The ending is obvious…

I find the different interpretations interesting, excellent thread. For me, the end was always the question of how would I react confronted with an image of me that (presumably) always has done the right things? The film ends right there after Rhoda has apparently accepted their fate or situation.

Maybe it would be interesting but otherwise I would not really like being confronted with a perfect version of myself. Like in the movie it is unclear how the protagonist reacts when her perfect alter ego takes a step in her direction.

Re: The ending is obvious…

I can't get it out of my mind, but if there was another earth a few hundred thousand miles away, the tides would be massive and the wrench on the plates would cause earthquakes, problems with earth/sun orbits, problems with Earth 1 moon and Earth 2 moon and their orbits etc etc……… but forgetting all the problems .. I think that on Earth 2 Rhoda won the competition and travelled to Earth 1 and that why she met herself….. meanwhile John has shot off to Earth 2, even if his wife and family are alive on Earth 2 there will be another John and that could be very interesting!

Re: The ending is obvious…

As I posted on the other thread:

It was a one-way travel… (No coming Back)

A succesful MIT graduate won't want nor have a touching story to convince the millionaire…

Condensating the timeline:

Rhoda1 gives her seat to John 1, ok, we saw that in the movie…

For the ending have some logic, closure and to become a "good ending":

John 2 must have died and his wife2 and kids2 not… (so Jhon1 would end happy there on E2).

Rhoda2 MUST have had killed (someone), face jail, get out and try to suicide… (so she could write the touching story).

So, if it was John2 that died on E2, it all pieces together like a puzzle… If he did not die, it would end up like E1… (And we know for fact it is not 100% equal because R2 comes to E1…)